Lyon: local delivery people for small businesses

On the handlebars of his cargo bike, Olivier Lemos tours the merchants of a district of the 2nd arrondissement of Lyon (Rhône). It retrieves the various orders made by customers from the Les Fantasques website. The delivery company chose a soft mode of transport; both practical and ecological. In addition, the delivery person is paid by the hour. “I work for myself. I work with my friends. It’s much more virtuous, I must not rush, except to arrive on time to deliver the customers, but I do not have to stress on how much I go. earn at the end of the month “, slide Olivier Lemos, bicycle delivery man.

The idea of ​​the company germinated in the minds of three friends. “We are good eaters, we like to do our shopping in the small shops of the peninsula. By talking a little with them, they all had plans to create a website. We asked ourselves, why not provide a common website in which we will be able to pool and make them stronger together “, Explain Ronan Morin, co-founder of the site “Les Fantasques”, which currently includes a dozen local artisans registered.

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