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Lucrèce, the pre-teens’ best friend

Lucrèce, the pre-teens' best friend

Lucretia may bear the obsolete first name of a Roman patrician, whose tragic death would have precipitated the advent of the Republic, she is a pre-adolescent girl well anchored in her time: she lives in a blended family and has a mobile phone with which she takes selfies with her best friends, the “Lines” (Aline, Coline and Pauline). Barely two years after entering the world of children’s literature, she has already sold more than 150,000 copies of the first five volumes of her adventures.

→ PORTRAIT. Anne Goscinny, ink and light

“There was a place for Lucretia in the hearts of children. In signing sessions, young readers often tell me that they would like to be his girlfriend ”, rejoices Anne Goscinny. The writer drew on the daily life of her own daughter (now aged 17) to describe this very special period, between 9 and 12 years old, “This age full of contradictions, where you want to be a teenager, autonomous, but where you still sleep with your teddy bear! “

Authenticity and sweet madness

This series is also for her a way of prolonging her own childhood, brutally stopped by the illness of her mother and the death of her father René when she was 9 years old. Lucretia is eleven years old forever. She will never grow up, like “Le petit Nicolas”, with whom she has a natural lineage: both live in an ideal world where problems are resolved without drama and where children are often more mature than adults!

“Good mix between sentimental and gag, this series testifies to a great authenticity and a sweet madness which also amuses the parents”, summarizes Thierry Laroche, editor at Gallimard jeunesse. A deliciously “zany” world, to use the heroine’s favorite expression.

Our opinion

Illustrated with a supple line by Catel, this column removed from the college years features a gallery of sympathetic characters, from the little brother absorbed by zombie video games to the mother, overwhelmed lawyer who thaws lasagna with all her arms around …

The generation of seniors is particularly well crunched. Inspired by the energetic granny of the film “La Boum” (unforgettable Denise Gray), Scarlett (Arlette of her real name) is not a classic grandmother: dressed in summer as in winter with a fox in fur around the neck, she spends her time playing poker sipping port and confidently declares that she is far too young to have a granddaughter! A colorful and whimsical character that Anne Goscinny dreams of one day seeing embodied on the screen by Fanny Ardant or Catherine Deneuve.


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