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Luck is like this! After a week of marriage, the groom became a millionaire, if you are a bachelor, then think once!

Mahzooz Draw In Dubai: The wedding took place a week ago and only after marriage, a 26-year-old British youth has won a huge prize of 10 million dollars in the weekly Mahjooj draw competition to be held in Dubai and became a millionaire. Even after winning the award, he could not believe it. It was lucky for her to get married, because she had not thought of this in her life, so if you are single then you can also plan to get married. May your luck also open.

Luck opened by marriage, became a millionaire

A week after marriage, the name of the young man who became a millionaire is Rees, who came to Dubai four years ago and is currently working in a gym. He won the 84th draw of the Mahjooj draw last Saturday and became a millionaire. He married his long-time British girlfriend on Thursday and received a check from Mahzooz during a press conference today, he said.

The senses were blown away after hearing such a huge amount

Reece, who looked calm in a black shirt and jeans, told reporters when he met, “I just came from my wedding yesterday,” but it was a different scene after that. When I came to know that I have won the draw. “I just got a confirmation email. After that I sat for more than a minute and felt like I was frozen like snow.

Then I ran up to my girlfriend, who is now my wife, gave her my phone. Seeing this, she started crying bitterly with happiness. I couldn’t sleep that night. We called our parents. For us it was like a dream. We were wondering if we are ready to live such a life.”

luxurious bungalow

Rees said that I have won and I am very happy with this victory, I will take the help of a financial advisor about this, because this amount is huge. He said: “We will stay in Dubai. We will buy a property here and in the United Kingdom and I will gift a new car to my wife. But I will continue to work out at the gym.”

Reece becomes youngest millionaire winner

Ewing’s CEO Fareed Samji, the operator of Mahzooz, said that Rees is the 25th Mahzooz millionaire and also the youngest winner of $10 million. Rees’ victory comes a week after an Indian engineer based in Ajman won the same prize money. He said six other migrants have also won 10 million dirhams, including three Indians, a Filipino, a Turkish expatriate and a French-Tunisian national. The biggest winner till date is Junaid Rana of Pakistan. He won the big prize of 50 million dirhams in October last year. Won the grand prize.

may be included
According to the Khaleej Times, to participate in the Mahzooz lucky draw, one has to register on and buy a water bottle from here for 35 dirhams (approximately Rs 750).

Buying one bottle will result in a Grand Draw and buying another bottle will result in an entry into the Rafale draw, which increases the chances of winning.

The top prize is 1 crore dirhams and the second prize is 10 lakh dirhams.

Mahzooz also announced that one lucky participant can win 1kg gold (1Kg Gold) during the Golden Summer Draw to be held on 30 July.

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