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Both water- and oil-based lubricants can interfere with sperm movement, affecting conception.

Planning a pregnancy also means increasing the number of times a couple has sex. Statistics show that in women, it takes about 20 minutes to stimulate pleasure and this is also the ideal time for “foreplay” when in love. However, the frequent “closeness” along with a busy life makes many couples forget the “foreplay”.

Besides, some women experience vaginal dryness, so many couples have turned to lubricating gel to make intercourse easier. However, using a vaginal lubricant is sometimes not beneficial for sperm, especially in couples trying to get pregnant.

Statistics show that one in four couples use vaginal lubricants that are not good for sperm. They are thought to affect sperm motility. Some are also suspected of causing DNA damage and killing sperm.

To verify this, the researchers exposed the semen samples in turn to the lubricating gel samples in vitro. Includes commercially available water-based lubricants and oil-based lubricants: baby oil, canola oil, sesame oil and mustard oil.

Normally, sperm will leave semen and come into contact with uterine mucus about 1.5 minutes after intercourse. Most healthy sperm will enter the uterus within 15-20 minutes. The researchers examined sperm motility rates in the samples after 60 minutes of exposure to the lubricating gel. The results showed that in water-based lubricants, only part of the sperm was removed from the semen, with some even barely able to move after 60 minutes.

With oil-based lubricants, mustard oil is the best, has almost no effect on sperm motility. Baby oil also gives pretty good results, and sesame oil is the worst.

Vaginal lubricants may reduce sperm motility. Image: Monalisatouch

To find a good lubricant for sperm, the researchers also looked at the sperm’s viability after 2 hours of exposure to the lubricating gel. The results obtained showed that there are types of sperm with only 27% remaining.

Experts advise couples to avoid using lubricants that contain ingredients such as kerosene, propylene glycol, glycerin, parabens, silicone, and Nonoxynol-9 (N-9). An isotonic, glycerin-free, PHP-balanced, sperm-friendly lubricant, such as Pre-Seed and Conceive Plus, is recommended.

Many couples use egg whites as a vaginal lubricant, believing it to be harmless. However, there is a risk of causing an allergic reaction to the salmonella found in egg whites.

Canola oil and baby oil are usually good choices because they are not harmful to sperm, but they can lead to infection or irritation of the vagina. Acidic saliva is also not a good choice for couples to use as a natural lubricating gel.

Although some lubricants are not good for sperm, affecting fertility, they do not mean they should be used as a method of contraception. If women often experience vaginal dryness, consult a doctor to find out timely treatment.

Bao Bao (According to Very Well Family, Healthline)


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