LR rather well disposed on the reform of unemployment insurance

Posted Sep 27, 2022, 7:23 PMUpdated on Sep 27, 2022 at 7:48 PM

Important because it paves the way for the new reform of unemployment insurance wanted by Emmanuel Macron, but above all because it is the first of the new parliamentary session, the examination in the Assembly of the bill on various emergency measures relating to the labor market started on Tuesday afternoon under good omens for the government.

At the start of the evening, after four hours of debate, almost all the amendments aimed at deleting or emptying the first article, the most politically important, of its substance, were rejected in the Committee on Social Affairs, with the support, not accepted but supported all the same, deputies LR.

Deficiency decree

“Necessity makes law”, defended Stéphane Viry, elected representative of the Vosges and representative of the right-wing group, taking up the argument defended for the majority by the rapporteur of the text, Marc Ferracci. Namely that the vote on these amendments would remove the legal basis guaranteeing the compensation of 2.5 million unemployed from 1er november !

As a reminder, it is on this date that the decree of deficiency taken by the State in 2019 falls to apply its previous reform of the rules of compensation in the wake of the failure of the negotiation by the social partners.

Presidential and legislative elections oblige, the deadlines did not allow them to be asked to initiate a new one, justified the Minister of Labor, Olivier Dussopt, who came to defend the text alongside the Minister Delegate in charge of Education and Professional Training, Carole Grandjean.

To ensure the continuity of the unemployment insurance scheme, article 1 of the bill gives control to the government by decree in the Council of State and until December 31, 2023 at the latest to set – after consultation this time – ci – new compensation rules. The Head of State wants them to stick better to the economic situation: more incentives when it is favorable to employment, more protective on the contrary.

Blank check

“This article amounts to overriding Unédic to take new measures that we do not know about”, criticized the Communist deputy Pierre Dharréville, echoing all his colleagues from Nupes, very upset against the upcoming reform project. “Empty shell text. We sign a blank check”, for example denounced the socialist deputy Arthur Delaporte.

“We may be taken hostage but I cannot vote for these amendments”, justified Stéphane Viry, the argument of legal continuity offering his party an honorable way out: not blocking a reform compatible with the doxa of the Republicans without having to line up behind the majority. Hiding behind the “need to take the time to reconsult (!) the social partners”, the elected LR even withdrew his amendment asking to return to a real negotiation “even if it means representing it”.

Dussopt in favor of certain amendments

Even if the debates will resume next Monday in public session, the government seemed on track this Tuesday early evening to win the first political round. In addition to LR’s pirouette, Olivier Dussopt has, it is true, taken great care to cajole certain deputies of the Social Affairs Committee in the direction of the hair by showing himself in favor of amendments on the abandonment of posts, the refusals of permanent contracts, multi-employment fixed-term contracts, or even specific rules for overseas territories.

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