Lovers, Magnetics, Blood oranges… Films to watch or avoid this week

Cursed lovers, the itinerary of a young announcer, a “wicked comedy”. Discover the cinema selection of Figaro.

To have

Magnetics , a drama by Vincent Maël Cardona, 1h38

Bad pick. “Me, I was for Giscard”, confesses the hero while the face of François Mitterrand appears on the television screen. That, he will remember, May 10, 1981. Anything was possible. Everything was going to be allowed. Well, that’s what they said. […] In the attic of the local bar, Jérôme hosted Radio Warsaw. His younger brother was also in charge. It was the era of cassettes and vinyls. What an idea, does not prevent falling in love with the girlfriend of his brother. This Jerome didn’t need that. This rebel regularly went crazy, got drunk on beer, could no longer endure paternal remonstrances. But poor Philippe, shy like everything: how could he resist this blonde hairdresser who is probably not called Marianne for nothing. […] Magnetics takes place to the sound of rock and new wave. Patina and turntables characterize this retro evocation, with mopeds, hangovers, voiceover and grainy image, in browns and yellows. Nostalgia remains what it was. This learning story has the vagueness, the trembling of a supercharged Modiano. It’s a personal message to a whole generation. What happened to that boy who listened The first step, by Claude-Michel Schönberg and who always came home, gently pushing the gate of the family home. It was squeaking, remember? No, you forgot. Vincent Maël Cardona is there to remind us of these things. Forty years already. Oh yes. É. NOT.

Blood oranges , a dramatic comedy by Jean-Christophe Meurisse, 1h42

Warning: nasty comedy! “ proclaims poster ofBlood oranges. […] The scenario is inspired by three various facts revisited and intertwined. A couple of over-indebted retirees (the ex-Deschiens Olivier Saladin and Lorella Cravotta) commit suicide after failing in the final of a regional rock dance competition, franchouillarde version ofWe finish horses well. A Minister of Finance is suspected of tax fraud (Christophe Paou, perfect in Jérôme Cahuzac mixed with DSK). A teenage girl is raped by a sex addict before assaulting her in turn and having her eat her testicles – the facts unfolded in the United States in 2015 and the girl was acquitted by a popular jury. She is played by debutante Lilith Grasmug, a true revelation and perhaps a true monster of this gallery of characters. É. S.

Lovers , a thriller by Nicole Garcia, 1h42

It’s quite silly: they love each other. It’s very silly, but it’s complicated. He is a dealer, she is enrolled in a hotel school. The first sequence shows them as two recumbent figures, white bodies intertwined on messy sheets, as if death was already watching them. They are so young. […] When one of his clients dies of an overdose, Simon disappears. Lisa can’t believe it. She is later found married to a wealthy insurer. Léo and she are in Mauritius, in a palace by the ocean. The couple want to adopt a child. Coincidence: Simon works there as a guide. The rest is predictable. […] On the screen are the brutality of social relations, the power of money, useless passions. Stacy Martin is this brown, fragile, tormented twig. In his gaze passes all the distress in the world. Is it his fault that life is cruel, unforeseen, disappointing? Benoît Magimel, mineral, feverish, torn from within, imposes his stature as a misunderstood male. This is the future Gabin. Pierre Niney holds the road, with his slender physique, his goatee, his sudden fits of authority. There is in him all the male cowardice, the crazy hopes, the dreams already betrayed. É. NOT.

Olga , a drama by Elie Grappe, 1h27

In Kiev, in 2013, a mother and her daughter have two simultaneous passions. The mother is a committed political journalist who covers with determination the nascent popular movement which is shaking the country and which was later called “Euromaidan”. A tremendous outpouring of solidarity which pushes Ukrainians from all walks of life and from all social strata to revolt against a tyrant president named Yanukovych. At the heart of these embryonic events, Olga tries to live her teenage life. She is planning a career as a high level athlete, and is training hard with the Ukrainian team to represent her country at the European Championships. The father, Swiss, died a few years ago already… After a training which was prolonged late into the night, the mother and the daughter return home by car when their vehicle is violently hit by mysterious assailants. […] Film on exile, Olga especially gives pride of place to competitive gymnastics, this discipline so deeply cinégenic. Each exercise is filmed as an action sequence full of adrenaline and suspense. What is most impressive is that the performer performs her own “stunts”, making the performance even more visual and thrilling. In Olga, the viewer shares the pure, invigorating happiness of seeing the body in action. What Keaton, Chaplin and many other masters of the origins had explored at the time of the gush of this total art. OD

You can see

Silence is not gold , a romantic comedy by Pascal Elbé, 1h33

For his third film (after Turk’s Head in 2010 and I count on you in 2015), Pascal Elbé set himself a challenge: to make people laugh and smile with a rather delicate subject, early deafness, and the acceptance of such a handicap, when it was not detected by the person concerned. . In We are made for each other, Antoine (Pascal Elbé) is a fifties all that there is of sympathetic. However, this somewhat lunar professor seems to listen to nothing and no one. His students demand his attention. His colleagues find that he is more and more dizzy during meetings or in the teachers’ room. His loves reproach him for his lack of empathy. And for good reason ! Without knowing it or wanting to be aware of it, Antoine has lost a lot of hearing. Claire (Sandrine Kiberlain), her new downstairs neighbor, temporarily installed with her sister, suffers from it every morning, because of the thunderous ringing of her alarm clock. How to get out of your bubble when you let yourself be immersed without realizing it in the world of silence? Drawing inspiration for this third film from his private life, the 54-year-old actor-director (who himself suffered from serious hearing problems) orchestrates a successful comedy in the form of an “auditory coming out”, full of correctness, modesty and self-mockery on a delicate subject. OD

Memoria , a drama by Apichatpong Weerasethakul, 2:15 a.m.

Since his Palme d’Or at Cannes in 2010 for Uncle boonmee, moviegoers have come to appreciate the beauty of Thai director Apichatpong Weerasethakul’s films, making long stills. In Memoria, Tilda Swinton is obsessed with a sound that only she seems to hear. a “Bang” like “A concrete ball that falls into a metal well surrounded by sea water”. The beginning of a drift in the Colombian jungle, a mystical poem between boredom and fascination. Jury Prize in Cannes. É. S.

High and loud , a drama by Nabil Ayouch, 1 h 41

Nabil Ayouch continues to film Morocco without filter, after God’s horses, Much Loved and Raid. Here he features Anas, a former rapper who gives hip-hop lessons to a group of kids in a cultural center in a poor district of Casablanca. Despite some beautiful sequences, where the word is released in music, he struggles to give an overall movement to legitimate but scattered claims. É. S.

To avoid

Hungry , a horror film by Scott Cooper, 1 h 39

Scott Cooper had been able to breathe new life into the western with Hostile. He’s less good at scaring people with this legendary monster story in a mining town in Oregon. From Deputy Stephen King. É. S.


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