Louloute, Bac Nord, Drive My Car… Films to see or avoid this week at the cinema

A lovely film with poetic tenderness, an urban western and the new Ryusuke Hamaguchi. What to see this week? The editorial selection of the Figaro.

To have

North Bac , a thriller by Cédric Jimenez, 1h44

Wretched, by Ladj Ly, showed the city of Bosquets, in Monterfermeil, in Seine-Saint-Denis, like a basket of crabs, where inhabitants, dealers, beards, gypsies and bacqueux survived in the same destitution. North Bac sticks to the basques of a patrol pushed by his superiors to cross the yellow line to obtain results in the fight against drug trafficking. The cast is impeccable. Jimenez is arguably the best French action director today. The spectacular urban western gives way to a last part, much less euphoric. S.S.

Drive My Car , a drama by Ryusuke Hamaguchi, 2h59

Whoops. Ryusuke missed his plane. He returns home unexpectedly and finds his wife in action with a young actor. Wisdom is to keep quiet and close the door quietly. Things could have gone on like this, but the wife has a subarachnoid hemorrhage. The widower locks himself in a sort of silence. He is assigned a driver. Misaki has a laconism bordering on mystery. Adapted from a short story by Haruki Murakami, Award for Best Screenplay at the last Cannes Film Festival, Drive My Car whispers, captivates, carried by a timeless grace. The beauty lasts three hours and has a name: Hamaguchi Ryusuke. IN.

Summer white , a drama by Rodrigo Ruiz Patterson, 1 h 25

We do not penetrate the intimacy of Rodrigo, this kid from the Mexican middle class who loves his mother too much, we can guess. The day she opens the door to her new boyfriend, Fernando, the close relationship between mother and son is disrupted. The little one lowers his neck so as not to look at his stepfather. He does not dare to hate him and chains the cigarettes. A Freudian film and not funny, rough but fair. BP

You can see

Louloute , a dramatic comedy by Hubert Viel, 1 h 28

This history-geography teacher arrives late for her lessons. This redhead is, let’s say, weird. She has excuses. Flashbacks come back to his childhood on the farm. Louise didn’t like dead birds. She was not mad, she was melancholy. In the middle of the cows, she was praying to Jesus, her parents were arguing and we were going to see The little thief. Nice film with poetic and barred tenderness, like Pialat with swerves in surrealism. É. NOT.

To avoid

Fantasies , comedy by Stéphane and David Foenkinos, 1 h 41

Six couples in the grip of their libido. An accountant disguises himself as a plumber. A teacher records a sex tape. Two abstainers are caught in the act in front of a police station. Two lesbians are put in a trance by palliative care. The pompom is reached by this lady who claims to have cancer because she is turned on by the tears of her husband. Not a sketch to save the other. Politeness forbids mentioning the names of the actors. Embarrassing and vulgar. IN.


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