Louis Garrel, a top chef

PORTRAIT – For my legionary, the formidable drama of Rachel Lang, the actor exchanged his good-natured charm for a seductive paternal authority. A first step taken before encamping the patriarchs and the sovereigns.

Phlegm, humor and insolence being assets that Louis Garrel readily lends to his characters – the irresistible confidant he camped in DNA, de Maïwenn, is the best example – one could decently think that the military uniform was hardly cut for him. “Myself, I had never imagined myself playing such a character”, assures the interested party. Strapped into the jacket and fatigues of a warrant officer My legionary, the actor forces us to revise our judgment. In this leadership role, he reveals a particularly convincing blend of authority and affection.

Rachel Lang was right: by awarding this high rank to an actor endowed with real humanity, the filmmaker and reservist was able to paint around him an intimate portrait of the army and chronicle, to the bewitching sounds of the songs of the Legion, the daily life of parachutists and their wives who unite to overcome the anguish, the worried waiting and the family consequences of such a commitment. Alongside Camille

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