Lotte Eisner, the fairy of the Cinémathèque française on Arte

A moving documentary is devoted, at 10:35 p.m., to the curator and art historian of German origin, who died in 1983.

The French Cinémathèque owes almost everything to a German woman. Lotte Eisner worked for fifty years with Henri Langlois, liaising with the great directors, looking in second-hand shops or abroad for reels destined to join the cinema museum. “If we have the most beautiful archive in the world, it is thanks to Lotte Eisner”, loose the specialist Laurent Mannoni. Even if Langlois, co-founder of the Cinémathèque and creator of the cinema museum, will have it, behind his imposing silhouette, often left in the shadows.

Arte pays a moving and successful tribute to this great lady, born in Berlin in 1896 and died in Paris in 1983. The unpublished documentary by Timon Koulmasis, entitled Lotte Eisner, for the love of cinema, takes us first to the 1920s.

She crosses paths with Cocteau

It was the time when the young journalist in a long skirt stepped over the electric wires of the filming of Berlin devastated by war. Lotte Eisner then chronicles the prodigious decade marked by Fritz Lang, FW Murnau and

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