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Lost his temper at the Oscars ceremony, now Will Smith’s career may be ruined

The life and popularity of American actor, rapper and filmmaker Will Smith is like a fairy tale. The number of his fans is in crores and the list of his achievements is very long, but a recent incident has added a little more to his introduction. He has given rise to a controversy by slapping the presenter during the Oscar award distribution ceremony, which can take a toll on his career.

Smith is called the uncrowned king of the American entertainment world. Sometimes he is included in the list of most influential people in the world and sometimes he is considered to be the most popular person in history. Many people do not like to lose their cool like this after listening to the criticism of a man who has been awarded all kinds of top awards and honors in the world related to music and cinema.

apologized for your actions

However, Will Smith apologized for his actions on stage after receiving the Best Actor award during the 94th Oscars ceremony and also expressed fears that he might not be invited to the Oscars again. At the same time, he later apologized to comedian and program presenter Chris Rock, but the echo of that slap in front of thousands of people at a prestigious ceremony and seen by millions of people around the world is going to bother Will Smith more than Rock.

Smith’s action is being widely condemned and the Academy Awards’ Board of Governors is reviewing the entire incident. A statement issued by the academy said that a formal review of the incident has been initiated and further action will be taken in accordance with California’s standards of conduct and law. However, to Smith’s relief, Rock has decided not to report him to the police.

born in west philadelphia

Smith, whose full name is Willard Christopher Smith Jr., was born on September 25, 1968, in West Philadelphia. His mother, Caroline, was a school administrator at the Philadelphia School Board and his father, Willard Christopher Smith, Sr., was a refrigeration engineer. He was raised as a Baptist and attended Overbrook High School in West Philadelphia. His parents separated when he was thirteen years old, although they formally divorced much later.

Smith began performing rap shows at the age of 12, and his pairings with Jeff Towns were a hit in the 1980s and ’90s. After that Smith came into the world of television and films and became a history in itself. His films set new dimensions of success and earnings and he was the king of the box office and the first choice of producers for many years. His popularity continued to grow with each passing year. Although during this a bad phase also came, but once again he managed to reach the pinnacle of success.

His grandmother had given him a lesson in childhood that he should not use abusive words in his rap and he also obeyed him. I wish he hadn’t become the “first” actor to slap someone at a gala gathering in Oscar history if he had thought twice before taking what he himself called “deplorable and unacceptable”. Had.

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