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Lost child found alive in sewer after eight days, know the news that shames humanity

Germany Boy Found Alive In Sewer: The whole house is troubled by the disappearance of their child and finally after eight days the same child is found alive and safe, then the family will jump with joy. Yes, a similar case has been faced from the northwestern city of Oldenburg in Germany. According to a BBC report, eight-year-old Joe went missing from his family’s garden in Oldenburg. The family members kept searching for him and after eight days this child was found safe in the sewer.

remained in the sewer for a week

According to the BBC, eight-year-old Joe suddenly disappeared from his family’s garden in Oldenburg on June 17. A child suffering from a minor mental development disorder. Since then, the police started searching for him vigorously. Finally, on Saturday 25 June, the police got success, when a person passing through the road heard a light whisper from the manhole cover. He immediately informed the police. After 10 minutes of getting the information, a doctor from the Fire Brigade and Emergency reached the spot. According to Newsweek, they removed a manhole cover leading to the storm drain sewer on the road. After this a fireman got down and pulled the boy out of the sewer. This manhole was about 300 meters away from Joe’s house. After this, eight-year-old Joe was taken out of here and taken to the police hospital. His condition is being monitored in the hospital, although the child has not suffered any serious injuries.

Police denied any wrongdoing

Police have ruled out any involvement or any wrongdoing in Joe’s disappearance. The police said that the day he went missing, he had fallen into the sewer. Police Chief Johann Kuehme said, “Thank you for the tip from the public, so that we were able to find Joe in the sewer system. The most important thing is that he is alive and he was immediately taken to the hospital where he is in good hands.” Now we can all breathe a sigh of relief.”

On the other hand, police spokesman Stephen Klatte said that the boy is hypothermic but he was able to react. He did not suffer any major injuries and there was no danger to his life. Police are now probing how it was possible for 8-year-old Joe, reportedly suffering from a minor mental development disorder, to survive in StormDrain for so long. There was speculation as to how the boy got into the sewer, but police later said that he had crawled inside and lost consciousness.

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