Losing 10 kg in a month, suddenly discovered diabetes

Visiting Medlactec General Hospital, Mr. Cuong was stunned when he learned that he had diabetes. Doctor Nguyen Thi Ly, an Endocrinologist, said that due to high blood sugar, Mr. Cuong suffered from dehydration, symptoms of thirst, dry skin, frequent urination, weight loss, and fatigue.

“Thankfully, the patient came to the hospital for examination and treatment in time. If the patient arrives at the hospital later, the patient may face dangerous complications such as hyperosmolar coma, ketoacidosis coma, even death. died,” said Dr. Ly.

After 5 days of treatment with insulin injection in combination with oral medication, the patient’s blood glucose was better, avoiding acute complications. This is one of many young patients with diabetes that Dr. Ly receives and treats.

Diabetes mellitus is a condition of high blood glucose, a chronic, incurable disease. The main cause of the condition of more and more patients is due to unreasonable diet and exercise of modern lifestyle, in addition to genetic factors.

A patient has a blood sugar test at the hospital. Photo: Thu Ngo

According to statistics from the Vietnam Diabetes Association in 2021, Vietnam has more than 3.5 million Vietnamese people with diabetes. It is forecast that the number of people with this disease will increase to nearly 6.3 million by 2045. The number of people with diabetes increases rapidly and is getting younger. Many people aged 25-30 have diabetes without knowing it.

This is a disease with a silent progression, causing many dangerous complications: 34% of cardiovascular complications; 39.5% eye complications and neurological complications; 24% kidney complications.

These complications increase medical costs and reduce patients’ quality of life. Ly recommended, people need to see a doctor if signs such as fatigue, thirst, weight loss, urinating a lot, because it could be a sign of diabetes.


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