Lose 57 kg in 9 months

AmericaAction Bronson lost 57 kg, from 180 kg to 123 kg, in 9 months thanks to a reasonable diet and a strong will to exercise.

Action Bronson, a chef in New York, led by Covid-19 should work from home and have more time for himself. Frustrated with his uncontrolled weight, he decided to focus on weight loss.

In the morning, Bronson gets up early at 4:30 and works hard to exercise. He lifted weights, pressed muscles on the bench, hit the boxing bag …, and some other coordinated movements.

Action Bronson lost 57 kg in 9 months thanks to her diet and exercise efforts. Image: Insider

Bronson’s breakfast starts with scrambled eggs and protein shakes. The protein shake recipe is olive oil, fruit, almond, almond milk and protein powder. Abundant protein helps him recover and develop muscles after hours of hard training. He split breakfast into two, eating before and right after training.

Lunch and dinner, he eats egg whites with chicken breast, cauliflower, sauteed broccoli with olives and garlic …

He gave up junk food like confectionery, dessert. In general, Bronson’s menu is of vegetables and protein, minimizing foods high in carbohydrates and sugar.

To cut the cravings for junk food, he adds a protein smoothie and roasted nuts with honey, cinnamon, and chili, to sip all day. Bronson shows great determination when he refuses to eat his favorite snacks in all situations, including when going out to dinner.

There is still work to be done, but the achievements over the past 9 months make Bronson feel satisfied with her weight loss efforts.

Bao Chau (According to the Insider)


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