Los Angeles hypoxic treatment of patients Covid-19

AmericaLos Angeles faces many difficulties in the supply, systems and equipment of supplying oxygen to patients with Covid-19.

In Los Angeles, California, record-high amounts of oxygen are being used to treat patients with Covid-19, while oxygen supply systems and equipment have raised concerns.

Things got so bad that the authorities advised health workers to use oxygen as economically as possible. Some hospitals have to delay the patient’s discharge date because there are not enough ventilators to provide the patient to bring back.

“Everyone is worried about what will happen next week,” said Cathy Chidester, director of the Los Angeles County Emergency Medical Services Agency.

A nurse is taking care of a Covid-19 patient in the ICU room of the St. Petersburg Medical Center. Mary, Apple Valley, California. Image: NBC News.

The amount of oxygen on earth is not small, accounting for 21% of the atmosphere. However, a sharp increase in the number of patients with nCoV infection in hotspots like Los Angeles put enormous pressure on the oxygen supply in hospitals.

In some hospitals, large amounts of liquid oxygen processed at the same time can freeze the device, clogging the system. The reason is that to save space, oxygen is kept in a liquid form, below -184 degrees Celsius (as cold as Neptune’s surface).

To return to the gaseous form and enter the ventilator, liquid oxygen must be treated with a metabolite. Normally, a few drops of oxygen can pass through the system to evaporate and crystallize into ice, but as more and more liquid oxygen has to be processed, ice can block the oxygen flow and freeze the system.

The solution to this problem is a backup evaporation system but at the same time puts additional burden on the hospital and the oxygen supply. Portable oxygen tanks, oxygen filters and breathing tubes have also become more scarce.

In early December 2020, the doctors at Navajo Nation said they lacked everything including oxygen, the equipment that supplies oxygen to patients both at home and hospital.

Hospital buildings are also deteriorating and not originally built to treat such a large number of patients. The oxygen supply system is overloaded.

Due to their small size and difficult to navigate location, some hospitals that are out of reach of major providers, rely on local small businesses – which were more difficult during the crisis.

On January 10, Los Angeles recorded an additional 14,000 nCoV infections, at least 160 people died. On average, 221 people die every day from Covid-19, during the New Year, compared with an average of 80 during Christmas or 30 on Thanksgiving. Most special care departments (ICUs) run out of space. Out of about 2,000 ICU beds, Covid-19 patients occupy 1,600 beds.

Mai Dung (According to the NBC News)


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