Long An will implement the conversion model at the Department of Information and Communications and 3 wards and communes

According to the newly approved digital transformation program of Long An province, Long An will deploy the digital transformation point model at the Department of Information and Communications and 3 wards and communes in Tan An city, Chau Thanh district, Can Giuoc district.

Put Long An into the provincial group, into a good digital transformation

The program of converting the number of Long An province to 2025 with a vision to 2030 has just been approved on November 4 by this provincial People’s Committee.

The program aims to synchronously and comprehensively digital transformation across the whole province, bringing Long An into the group of good digital transformation provinces, becoming a province with high index of digital government development and digital economy. of the country.

To form and develop a safe and convenient digital environment for sustainable development on the basis of research and strong application of science and technology, innovation, innovation and increase of labor productivity.

At the same time, creating a creative startup environment, proactively approaching and taking advantage of opportunities of the 4.0 revolution, developing the digital economy, the sharing economy; to encourage and support the formation of regional competitive digital enterprises.

The digital transformation program in Long An province has a vision to 2030, the province will complete the model of digital government and digital society (Photo:

The basic targets for the period to 2025 and to 2030 of the three pillars of digital government, digital economy, and digital society have also been set by the People’s Committee of Long An province in the provincial digital transformation program.

Accordingly, regarding the development of digital government, Long An sets a target that by 2025, 100% of administrative procedures will meet the requirement of implementing online public services at levels 3 and 4; 80% of level 4 online public services are provided on a variety of means of access, including mobile devices; 80% of transactions on the National Public Service Portal, the Public Service Portal and the provincial electronic one-stop shop system are electronically authenticated.

Also by 2025, 90% of job dossiers at provincial level, 80% of job dossiers at district level and 60% of job dossiers at commune level in Long An will be processed online (except job records under the state secrets); 100% of state agencies from provincial to district levels build and implement specialized information systems, databases …

With the pillar of digital economy, the goal by 2025 is that digital economy contributes 20% of the province’s GRDP, annual labor productivity will increase at least 7% and the proportion of digital economy in each industry and field. minimum 10%.

At the same time, 90% of enterprises in the province apply IT in production and business and 70% of service providers access and participate in online electronic transactions by 2025.

Regarding digital social development, the goal is that by 2025 the optical fiber broadband infrastructure will cover over 90% of households, 100% of the commune level. Universalize 4G / 5G mobile network services and smart mobile phones; basically all households in the province have access to the Internet; 100% of the adult population guarantees the universalization of smartphones.

At the same time, by 2025, half of smartphone users in Long An will have access to e-government services and smart cities. The proportion of people in Long An with an account participating in electronic payments is 50% by 2025.

8 areas are prioritized by Long An for digital transformation

Also at the Long An Provincial Digital Transformation Program, the Provincial People’s Committee has outlined groups of tasks and solutions to be focused on in the coming time, including: developing the foundation for digital transformation, the development of the Government digital economy, development of digital economy and digital society.

From the point of view that perceptions play a decisive role in digital transformation, Long An has proposed a series of solutions for cognitive transformation, contributing to establishing the foundation for digital transformation.

Specifically, in the Program, the People’s Committee of Long An province clearly states that digital transformation must start from the perception of the role of heads of agencies and units. The head is directly responsible for the digital transformation in the agency, organization, field or area under his charge.

The digital transformation perspective is implemented on the motto “4 no 1 yes”: paperless work, meetings are not concentrated, public services do not meet, non-cash payments and always have information questions Has the access data been digitized yet?

Along with that, the heads of agencies, organizations and enterprises must commit to innovating, allowing testing of new things, applying new technologies for the goal of sustainable development, linking different components by tissue. cyclic economic image; promote the development of creative industries in the branches, domains and localities under their charge.

Also to transform the perception of digital transformation, in the coming time, Long An will organize conferences, seminars, seminars to introduce basic knowledge of digital transformation, improve knowledge for staff, civil servants and public employees, improving state management skills on the digital transformation platform for leaders from province to commune; organize programs to disseminate knowledge about digital technologies, innovative innovative digital economic models …

In particular, the People’s Committee of Long An province has identified 8 areas that will prioritize digital transformation, including: health, education, transportation, agriculture, natural resources and environment, culture, sports and tourism. , logistics, energy.

In each priority area, the People’s Committee of Long An province has specified the tasks to be implemented. For example, the main tasks in the medical digital transformation are: developing IT infrastructure in the health sector, building a health care system and smart disease prevention, building the province’s smart medical system. …

The program of digital transformation in Long An province with a vision to 2030, Long An completes the model of digital government and digital society; Smart city has become a popular model in operating and operating the state management system and the society. Along with that, digital economy becomes the core mode to promote socio-economic development; ICT is breakthrough; Industry and high-tech agriculture are the foundation.


Vietnam will become a digital nation by 2030

Vietnam will become a digital nation by 2030

“The National Digital Transformation Program to 2025, with a vision to 2030” has just been approved, with a vision to 2030, Vietnam becomes a digital, stable and prosperous country, pioneering the experiment of technologies. and new model.


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