Logistics: the merciless world of warehouses

Giant warehouses are at heart of the supply system for our goods. These huge buildings, sometimes built in the open, are the kingdoms of logistics, essential platforms for the economy, and often major employers in regions in crisis. Since 2015, France has the ambition to become the logistics center of Europe.

But what’s going on inside, for those who work there? Peter, a journalist, was hired as a handler, with a camera and a microphone hidden under his clothes. Some employees denounce the weight of the loads to be transported, the pressure of the result, the rates, injuries and accidents. Many crack after a few weeks. After his first day, Pierre raised hundreds of kilos of goods and has tendonitis in his wrist, which compromises his chances of having a new acting assignment. He said to himself “leached: at no time did the pace drop for seven hours“. To encourage people to work more, the company has implemented bonuses.

Extract from the report broadcast in “Correspondent on France 2 January 28

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