L’Œil de l’INA: Jean Yanne, come back, they have become too … serious

Each week, find the treasures of the archives with Madelen. The director of Everyone is handsome, everyone is nice began his career by signing sketches with an avant-garde and iconoclastic humor that we are so lacking today.

It was in the early 1970s, when joie de vivre wasn’t just the title of a TV show. Guest of honor, one evening, of this meeting created by Henri Spade and co-presented by Jacqueline Joubert, Jean Yanne is then one of the symbols of this “joy of laughingWhich marked the glorious thirties. »READ ALSO – Discover here “La Joie de vivre”, a special program dedicated to Jean Yanne

His radio broadcasts or his appearances on small screens, during which he multiplies iconoclastic sketches, such as Driving license Where Traffic in Rome, make him a master of the absurd. This man with the impassive face, falsely grumpy, has a sense of derision, the dimension of which can be measured by discovering, or rediscovering this “Joy of living», Proposed by Madelen.

He tells, among other things, how, in his early days, he found himself, rue de Rivoli, in a strip club playing fake existentialist plays, in front of tourists convinced that they were in a cabaret in Saint -Germain-des-Prés. He also gives the reply to Daniel Prévost, one of his accomplices, on Sunday on RTL, in the program “When I hear the word culture, I open my transistor“. It was on these waves that one morning in spring 1968, he launched into the microphone “It is forbidden to forbid !“. He did not imagine for a single moment that this sentence, totally improvised, would then appear on countless walls during the events of May.

“When I hear the word culture, I open my transistor”

Jean Yanne

This slogan is in line with an irreverence and an anti-conformism which have earned it, on several occasions, being censored by the leaders of RTL, France Inter or the ORTF, and dismissed without warning, despite the thousands of letters of protest. ‘an audience that plebiscites him.

At a time when we did not speak of “indictment», He also found himself in front of a judge for having explained, in front of cameras, how to remove, using a simple screwdriver, this shoe of Denver which the police force used in the Sixties to immobilize the cars of the motorists in infraction.

It was during this time that he shot a sequence of the Invisible camera, regularly broadcast: a dialogue, in Cannes, during the Festival, in front of the Carlton, where he asks the valet to store his bike. In front of the latter’s astonishment, he explains that he is too lazy to take him to his suite. We also owe him countless sketches among which How to reduce unemployment that he played with Valérie Lemercier.

Among the cult moments of his career are also sequences of Big heads with Jacques Martin, starting with this program where, facing the duo launched into an unpayable improvisation, Philippe Bouvard could only ask one question in 90 minutes!

A genius jack-of-all-trades, Yanne also signed, with the graphic designer Tito Topin, a comic entitled The lobster will not pass. On this occasion, he imagined a dialogue in which he managed to place a pun that he has always considered the worst, therefore the best of his career: in a train, a traveler asks the controller if they are still far from Valves. To which the attendant replies: “ There are six stations from there to Vannes “. An exchange that could only make a splash.

Jean Yanne and Daniel Prévost in Ljoy of living , a program presented by Jacqueline Joubert


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