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Lockdown in many cities of China, health system situation worsened due to Kovid app crash

Covid-19 in China: Cases of corona infection are increasing continuously in China. Due to the lockdown in many cities, life is disturbed. The health situation in Xi’an has worsened with the crash of the COVID-19 health code system that strictly controls people’s movements. After Wuhan in Xi’an, the severe outbreak of the epidemic is having a great impact. Meanwhile, China has completely locked down another city, Yuzhou, to control the spread of the virus. Whereas only three new cases of corona have been reported here.

Health system deteriorated due to Kovid app crash

Due to the crash of the Health Code System app, there were obstacles for the staff caring for the patients in the hospitals. A senior official was suspended in this case. The same Beijing administration expressed displeasure over this. The Municipal Communist Party Committee said in a statement that the head of Xian’s big-data bureau, Liu Jun, was temporarily sacked due to poor performance. However, the committee did not clearly specify the reason behind its decision. This was done after a glitch in Xi’an’s health code system. The health and immunization status of the people is tracked through the code system.

System crash due to heavy traffic

According to media reports, people are unable to know the status of Kovid infection due to the code system crash. The provincial government later said in a statement that the system temporarily crashed due to excessive traffic. It is said that in December also there was a technical problem in it. People will have to show their health code to enter hospitals. Which will prove that they are corona negative.

Due to the lockdown in Xi’an city, people are facing the problem of lack of food and medical care. More than 1,700 infection cases have been reported in the city. More than 13 million residents here have been banned from leaving their homes without any specific reason. China is the only country that is practicing the strategy of zero covid. In which continuous measures are being taken to bring the infection to zero level. Ahead of the Beijing Winter Olympics next month, every effort is being made to reduce the country’s COVID outbreak.

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