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Lockdown-2 announced in England, corona virus cases exceed 1 million

Lockdown will apply again in England. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced to implement another lockdown by 2 December. Coron virus cases in England have crossed 1 million. Schools and universities will be allowed to remain open in this lockdown. Non-essential shops, restaurants, pubs and hotels will remain closed. Apart from this, there are restrictions on travel.

Corona cases in Britain exceed 1 million

Boris Johnson held a long meeting with his cabinet before declaring a month of lockdown. The decision to lockdown was taken at the meeting expressing concern over the continuous increase in the number of people infected with the corona virus. More than 20,000 new Corona virus cases are coming to Britain every day. Between 31 January and 31 October 2020, 10,11,660 positive cases have been found in England. In the last 24 hours, there were 21,915 new cases and 326 deaths. Let us tell you that France, Belgium, Portugal, Austria and Germany have already imposed strict restrictions in view of the possible second wave of Corona.

Tweeting a video from the official Twitter account of PM Boris Johnson, an appeal has been made to stay in the houses. The tweet states that the situation will be reviewed after 4 weeks. After this, a decision will be taken to increase or eliminate it. The tweet appeals to bring food and drink from your home, for medical purposes, exercises, studies or work. If possible, work from home. It has been requested to postpone non-essential travel.

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