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Little mouse will grow up

Some children write to Santa Claus or their imaginary friend. My seven-year-old daughter maintains an assiduous correspondence with the little mouse. Do not laugh. The word was slipped under the pillow, accompanied by a plea with a slightly punk spelling, but with a courtesy, a candor to melt the most uncompromising of readers: “Little mouse come and get my tooth. I put them preciously for you. They are waiting for you. I tidied my room on purpose for you because you are very small and you could get lost allor I tidied everything up. Jeanne Skinny. “

Don’t forget the coin!

Seven years: that blessed age where the imagination reigns supreme, where nothing seems able to hinder the thirst for the marvelous. Oh, not for much longer. A few months, a few years at most, before other enchantments whistle the end of childhood, carrying away forever the invisible bestiaries that escorted its course. But not tonight. Not now.

I’m supposed to keep watch. My only task is to slip two euros under the pillow of my youngest, after having removed her baby tooth, without waking her obviously. It is a basic rule written in golden letters in the international parents’ code: when the incisor falls, do not forget the coin. Get by, go make change at the gas station, bribe your neighbor if necessary, liquidate your pocket funds but fulfill this ancestral duty, like your fathers before you and their fathers before them. Be a little mouse up to the task.

The little mouse’s letter of apology

How the hell did I leave it out? How could I fall asleep without “doing the job”? You should have seen the child’s crestfallen face the next day. “The mouse did not come. “ In his language, it meant: “Supreme betrayal”. That look, I do not wish any father to have to support it. Grief in its raw state.

→ CHRONICLE. What passes, what remains

Not resentful, the toothless little girl took up the pen again: “Little mouse, you forgot to pick up my tooth last night.” I hope you will pass this time. You can read the two little words I did. “

Obviously, the offending rodent immediately gave a proper response, commensurate with the blunder. There are many bookworms; why not lettering mice? “Dear Jeanne, thank you for your two little words. I’m sorry for being late, I was watching Ratatouille with friends and I haven’t seen the clock turn… Thank you for your tooth and continue to tidy up your room! The small mouse. “

No, parents are not infallible

In the end, this mishap will have taught him three things: 1, no one is ever safe from disappointment, 2, we must hang on and believe in it, 3, humor saves us from everything. I would add that parents – and adults in general – are far from infallible; but that would be to discredit our benefactress with the gray coat.

As for the letter-writer who inspired these lines, she has plenty of time to discover that life is sometimes less tender than in fairy tales. And that the best dreams, if not taken care of, sometimes give birth to a mouse.


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