Light touch also a red rash on the skin

HanoiHung, 13 years old, every time he scratches, rubs or presses on a hard object, he gets a lump and redness on the skin at the point of contact.

After 15 to 20 minutes, the new bulge will gradually deflate without any additional effects. I can’t wear watches, necklaces or tight clothing because it gets itchy and my skin becomes lumpy.

“If you hold a drawing pen in your hand, where the line goes, the embossed marks will appear there, as jagged as a map,” said Dr. Vu Nguyet Minh, Director of the Center for Clinical Trial, Skin Hospital. will describe the disease that Hung and many patients are facing.

This disease is urticaria – one of the diseases of “rooted urticaria”. The patient’s skin is extremely sensitive, prone to rashes when exposed to the impact on the skin surface.

Dr Minh said that urticaria is a common disease, with different severity and mildness. Many cases of urticaria to be examined are in severe condition, swelling of the limbs just because of carrying the skin to the market, putting pressure on the skin of the hands.

The cause of the disease is that the Mast cells in the patient’s body are too weak, when stimulated, the pressure will easily rupture, releasing the cells, causing redness, rash or scarring marks. Floating urticaria may not appear at any time, but at different ages.

The disease can be treated with antihistamines. However, there are also many cases that do not respond to the drug, so it is necessary to use other probiotics. The average self-cure rate of this disease is 90% over 5 years.

“Five years is a serious problem for the patient, affecting the quality of life”, Dr. Minh evaluated.

The doctor examined the child with urticaria. Image: Nguyen Huong.

At the Central Dermatology Hospital, urticaria as well as other types of urticaria tend to increase, about 10% compared to summer. According to Dr. Minh, when the seasons change, the large temperature difference between day and night creates favorable conditions for this disease.

“Particularly in the clinic I am in charge of, a day there are 5 out of 30 cases to be examined, with urticaria” said Dr. Minh.

The proportion of women with urticaria is reported to be higher than that of men. The disease mainly affects the quality of life, limited to daily activities, such as hot baths, cold water, vigorous rubbing activities …

However, about 5% of patients may experience anaphylaxis due to the disease. In the literature, there have been some cases where the patient jumped into the cold water and suffered anaphylaxis, low blood pressure, difficulty breathing …

Doctor Minh said that most people with urticaria who go to the hospital for examination mistakenly think they have an allergic disease. Therefore, many cases have diet habits, avoid using foods such as shrimp, crabs, snails, chickens … affecting life, making the body not fully supplemented with nutrients.

Even many patients with urticaria when coming to the Central Dermatology Hospital have voluntarily injected Corticoid in private clinics. Characteristics of corticosteroids when infused will cut the itching, reduce the rash. However, it does not make sense in the long-term treatment, the patient continues to develop symptoms immediately after. Corticoids are also one of the drugs with many side effects, which can cause osteoporosis, hypertension, stomach ulcers … so it is necessary to strictly direct your doctor.

“When there are abnormal symptoms on the skin, patients need to medical facilities with a dermatology specialist to properly treat the regimen” recommended by Dr. Minh.

Le Nga