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Bad daily habits such as sitting for a long time, smoking, eating salty foods … can cause bone and joint diseases and make health decline.

When it comes to osteoarthritis, there are some risk factors like family history, age or ethnicity that you can’t change. However, there are many habits in life that you can avoid to reduce your odds of osteoporosis and protect your bone health. Let’s start by eliminating the following bad habits from your daily routine.

Being sedentary and staying indoors all day can cause bone and joint diseases. Photo: Carrelclinic


Tobacco users have lower bone density than the general population, according to the National Institutes of Health on Osteoporosis and Related Bone Diseases of the National Resource Center. Part of that is because smoking creates free radicals, which kill bone-building cells, explains Edward Domurat, an endocrinologist at Kaiser Permanente South Bay Medical Center in Habor City, California. Smoking also promotes production of the stress hormone cortisol, which weakens bones and interferes with the production of the bone-building hormone calcitonin.

If you’ve broken a bone, smoking can slow healing by damaging your blood vessels, limiting your body’s ability to carry oxygen.


People who are sedentary are at a higher risk of bone loss. Like muscles, your bones become denser and grow stronger when you exercise, especially when performing activities like walking, climbing stairs, and lifting weights, which require a lot of strength. In addition, exercise can help improve balance and flexibility, helping to reduce the risk of falls.

Eat salty

According to the Linus Pauling Institute at Oregon State University, as salt absorption increases, the body releases more calcium in the urine. In fact, adult women can lose 1% of their bone density each year even by eating just one extra gram of salt per day. The American Heart Association recommends that people eat less than 2,300 milligrams of salt per day, while most adults should eat no more than 1,500 milligrams per day.

Drink a lot of alcohol

Like smoking, alcohol increases the body’s production of the hormone cortisol. Drinking alcohol also reduces levels of the hormones testosterone and estrogen, which weakens bones.

Besides, alcohol not only reduces bone density, but drinking too much at one time also increases the risk of falls and fractures.

Stay at home all day

Without vitamin D, our bones can become thin and brittle. One of the main sources of vitamin D is produced by the body after you are exposed to sunlight. So if you don’t spend enough time outdoors, you may be deficient in this nutrient. If you can’t go outdoors for your daily vitamin D supplement, try to eat foods like salmon, egg yolks, and foods fortified with vitamin D.

Skip Food Supplements

Calcium and vitamin D are essential for bone health. However, many adults do not drink enough calcium-rich milk and do not want to be exposed to sunlight, due to fear of the risk of skin cancer.

Therefore, to ensure adequate absorption of both of these nutrients, start supplementing with calcium and vitamin D.

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