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Life of Chinese astronauts in space, video is going viral on social media

Viral Video: These days a video is becoming fiercely viral on China’s social media. In this video, three Chinese astronauts are having a lot of fun in space. In fact, long duration flight in space is tiring for the astronauts, and it is no less than a big challenge, so entertainment is also very important. In this viral video, Chinese astronauts can be seen listening to music, watching movies, exercising, and even getting their hair cut in space.

In fact, at the start of the new year, the commander of Shanzhou-13, Chei Chikang, has put on a new hairstyle, and his co-astronaut Yei Kwangfu has helped him cut his hair. Indeed, cutting hair in space far away from Earth is not an easy thing. Well, Chinese astronauts stay in space for a long time, so a safe and reliable water supply is also essential for them. Water is made available to astronauts in three ways: spacecraft transport, on-site production, and water-recycling.

Water is also generated in the space station

Water is also generated in the space station through a fuel cell by combining hydrogen and oxygen. This reaction also generates energy that is converted into electricity to power the space station. Water is produced as this reaction cools, and its temperature is brought down to 18 to 24 °C and purified by a silver ion sterilizer before being sent to the storage tank.

Astronauts release 1.8 kg of water vapor per day

Currently, a lot of water is consumed during the three-month stay of Chinese astronauts. Water-recycling and reuse can help meet the demand for water. Not only this, the urine produced by Chinese astronauts is also collected and treated to extract pure water. Human physical activity data shows that each astronaut generates approximately two kilograms of urine and flushing water per day aboard the space station. During the same period they release about 1.8 kg of water vapor into the cabin. Then, treating it in pure water can provide an essential source of drinking water in space.

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