“L’Humanité” ends its collaboration with a columnist and a cartoonist after a sexist caricature by Marion Rousse

“L’Humanité” will no longer collaborate with the cartoonist Espé or with the former cycling coach who became columnist Antoine Vayer, after the outcry over a caricature deemed degrading by the cycling consultant of France Televisions, Marion Rousse.

“Odious. Bofitude. Low end. “

On this cartoon posted online this weekend to accompany a column by Antoine Vayer, we see the former professional cyclist interviewing in lingerie and on a bed the runner Julian Alaphilippe, who is his companion.

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“Disillusioned: Humanity more and more badly its name. You have to have no respect for women, for women, to reduce six years of sports consulting on television to this level ”, reacted on Twitter Marion Rousse.

The drawing sparked an avalanche of reactions on Twitter: “That we are still being inflicted in 2020 this type of sexist, degrading and vulgar humor plunges me into deep disarray …”, lamented Elisa Madiot, press attaché in the sports world and niece of the sports director of the Groupama-FDJ team Marc Madiot.

“Odious. Bofitude. Low end. Pitiful. Words fail me ”, condemned Patrick Chêne, former sports journalist at France Televisions.

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“Contrary to the history of the newspaper”

The newspaper unpublished the drawing and apologized on the social network:

“We totally share the indignation at this drawing. We quickly unpublished it. It is contrary to the values ​​of Humanity, which promotes the dignity of human beings and the feminist struggle. We ask Marion Rousse to apologize for this lack of vigilance. “

“Such a publication is contrary to the history of the newspaper. All those who read us regularly know that our titles fight every day for the emancipation of women and defend the values ​​of universal equality. We hope that the lack of vigilance which led to this situation will not be repeated ”, deplored the company of the personnel of “Humanity” in a press release sent to AFP.

“We are delighted at the end of the collaboration between our daily life, the designer Espé and the chronicler Antoine Vayer, whose texts the latter illustrated. “

“Sorry, sorry, sorry”

“I’m so sorry, sorry, sorry. The newspaper has apologized, the drawing has been unpublished and I stop working for Humanity. My goal was absolutely not to hurt, I didn’t think of hurting, it’s just caricature. I wanted to evoke the porosity between media and sport and I wanted to be inspired by the designs of Tex Avery ”, for his part told AFP the cartoonist, whose first collaboration for the newspaper.

“I messed up. When a drawing is not understood, it is a mistake, but I would not have thought that it would take such proportions ”, continued the cartoonist.

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Antoine Vayer, former cycling trainer and defender of doping, who wrote a daily column on the Tour de France for “Huma”, however defended the drawing on his Twitter account, drawing a parallel with the cartoons of “Charlie Hebdo “.

Espé dissociated himself from the text that Antoine Vayer published in his name on the social network.

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