Les Intranquilles: bipolar cold

CRITICAL – Belgian director Joachim Lafosse’s feature film chronicles the family relationships of a bipolar man with his wife and son.

It’s better. At least it would seem. Damien is bipolar: we say it like that. If he does not take his medication, this painter is not doing well. So her nights are white. He goes to the garage to fix an old solex. His wife Leila knows the song. She must love him, her Damien, with his mood swings, his lies. He is untenable, spits out his pills on the sly. What a child! He is playing it. It’s not his fault.

In this big house, boredom is forbidden to stay. With him, the unexpected is part of everyday life. He robs the village bakery and brings tons of cupcakes to his son’s classroom. Even though he taught him not to be ashamed of anything, the kid blushed to the roots of his hair.

A zigzag love story

Even if he lets you drive a speedboat all by yourself, it’s not funny at that age to have a father who wants to take his friends on a catamaran at all costs, who dives fully dressed in the pond. . The boy’s friends open their eyes in surprise. They are more adults than

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