Les Heures Sombres, Le Tigre Blanc, Thelma and Louise … Online movies to watch, or not, this week

During this health crisis and the closing of cinemas, the editorial staff of Figaro offers you every Wednesday a selection of new products available on streaming platforms or on VOD.

Le Figaro offers you its selection of films released this week online, on VOD or on streaming platforms.

A must see

The Dark Hours, a biopic of Joe Wright

This pillar of Parliament may be brilliant and witty, when he is appointed Prime Minister at 65, not many people bet on him. His party, that of the Tories, supports him with lip service. As Hitler threatens to invade the UK, should we negotiate a peace treaty with Germany or fight? In a subway train, Churchill meets the British people, ready to do battle. The scene is bombastic and efficient. The most fervent Nazi would crush a tear. Churchill, revitalized, has only to convince the war cabinet where Chamberlain and the Viscount of Halifax oppose him. And to rally the deputies to his cause, while 200,000 British soldiers are trapped in Dunkirk. As The speech of a king, Dark Hours wants to demonstrate that the war was won by the power of the verb. The art of oratory would be stronger than the art of war. Or one would be nothing without the other. Recently in Dunkirk, Christopher Nolan took care of the operation “Dynamo”, filming the fights on land, sea and in the air. A retreat, not to say a defeat, staged as a victory. Joe Wright takes care of putting it into words here, through those of Churchill, lyrical and persuasive.

Available on Netflix

To have

The White Tiger, a caste affair

Born in a poor village in the depths of India, Balram (Adarsh ​​Gourav) in 2007 follows the path of his ancestors: to become a domestic. The crafty tea seller becomes the driver of the clan who holds his native region and transports the heir and his young wife (Priyanka Chopra from Quantico, by turns generous and cruel). This couple, who despises traditions when it suits them, pushes their employee to emancipate themselves. By adapting the bestseller of his college friend Aravind Adiga, Ramin Bahrani shows its brutality, humor and cynicism. From candid to humiliating devotion, Balram turns into Rastignac to get out of “this chicken cageIn which his birth plunged him. “The real relief of the servant is to dream that he killed his master then to wake up to find that he did not», He professes. From deluxe Delhi apartments to their sordid garages lit with pale neon lights, Ramin Bahrani goes from satire to psychological thriller. And borrows as much from Scorsese as from Wong Kar-wai to put it to life, as in 99 Homes, the wounds of this hierarchical society.

Available on Netflix from January 22

Thelma and Louise, travel to the end

This classic, presented at the Cannes Film Festival, celebrates its 30th anniversary this year. Chance to see how Ridley Scott’s masterpiece was raising questions about the status of women long before the #MeToo surge. Reference of the road-trip, it narrates the wanderings of two friends Thelma and Louise who, frustrated by their respective lives, decide to leave Arkansas. A weekend that will quickly turn into a nightmare, from their first stop in a nightclub. Incarnated by Susan Sarandon and Geena Davies, the two heroines will face the darker faces of their male counterparts, until a climax of anthology. Ridley Scott throws in passing a young actor in the deep end of the cinema. A certain Brad Pitt …

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To see also

La Baule-Les-Pins, Bacri nostalgia

Zabou Breitman, Nathalie Baye, Richard Berry, Vincent Lindon and the late Jean-Pierre Bacri … In 1989, the director Diane Kurys offered herself a cast of choice to stage her childhood memories in the delicate La-Baule-Les-Pins. The film immerses us in 1958. Like every summer, the two sisters Frédérique, 13, and Sophie, 8, go on vacation to the famous seaside resort in western France. On the beaches of the Atlantic, when they experience their first love feelings, they end up discovering that their mother has a lover and fear the divorce of their parents. In addition to being a sensitive and moving family chronicle, La-Baule-Les-Pins is also the opportunity to meet a malicious Jean-Pierre Bacri as a macho and entertainer uncle. Building on the success of this film, Arte plans to once again celebrate the talent and tongue-in-cheek humor of Jean-Pierre Bacri. Thus, this Friday, January 22, the Franco-German channel is rebroadcasting A maid by Claude Berri, released in 2002, with Émilie Dequenne, Brigitte Catillon, Catherine Breillat and Jacques Frantz. Sunday evening, in the first part of the evening, TF1 will broadcast for the first time The sense of celebration, unpublished free-to-air film by Eric Toledano and Olivier Nakache released in 2018. Jean-Pierre Bacri’s last major role for which he was nominated for the César in the best actor category. Finally, upon the announcement of the comedian’s death, the MyCanal platform posted several of its greatest hits, such as Place Vendôme, According to Charlie, Before dawn, At the end of the tale, Look for Hortense, Tell me about the rain, My best friends, Goodbye Gary, Like a picture, Love at first sight or The Big Pardon. Finally, note that Madelen, the INA platform, unearthed a nugget, his first role on the screen, in 1978, in Maigret and the killer. Already squeaky and ironic, he plays a thief and bartender at the Pink Rabbit in Pigalle.

Available on Arte.tv

The Arnacoeur, the love of Paradise

To earn a living, Alex (Romain Duris) shatters all his relationships. This James Bond of seduction works with his sister and his brother-in-law (amazing and funny Julie Ferrier and François Damiens). Their job? They investigate, hide, put microphones … In short, they use all the weapons of perfect secret agents to respond to requests that are not always very clear. Their new mission: Juliette (Vanessa Paradis) who is about to get married. Our equipment must shake its feelings, its certainties. To disgust her with this marriage. For this, all blows are allowed. Only, Alex had not expected that he would fall in love with his target. A romantic comedy sparkling with humor and fantasy, wonderfully interpreted by the duo Paradis-Duris. To see again in love or to dream of an unconfined adventure.

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