Leonardo DiCaprio, fate of star on Arte

Return at 11:10 pm on the course and the metamorphosis of a complex and mysterious actor.

He is without a doubt the best actor of his generation and this documentary by Henrike Sandner confirms it to us. Leonardo DiCaprio, born to a mother of German origin and a father with Italian roots, hippie tendency, was very well brought up. The proof: his father read Bukowski to him. Very early on, little Leonardo stood out.

At 5, he ran the castings and at 16, he already had several commercials to his credit and three television series. It melts the hearts of girls. At 19, Leonardo takes on the role of a mentally handicapped person in the film Gilbert grape. Then, he embodies the man with the soles of the wind, and declares, determined: “I don’t have a career plan. If I find something I like, I take it. “ Agnieszka Holland, who directed Rimbaud Verlaine (1995), says of him: “He’s a pretty mysterious person. He doesn’t indulge a lot. We don’t know much about him, his life, his choices. “

“Haunted by its faults”

In 1998 comes out Titanic , he plays the role of Jack, in love with Rose – we are not going to draw you a drawing – and becomes the most famous drowned man in cinema. This is the start of “Leomania”. A journalist: “It was a bit like the Beatles. A screaming mass tore it away. “ After the premiere of the film, the actor, surrounded by a horde of young girls bawling his first name, has this reflection: “It was like a bucket of ice water being thrown over my head.”

His meeting with Scorsese transforms him, makes him a man. The director ofAviator (2004) analyzes the wonder: “One of the things that fascinates the most about this story is to see this incredibly attractive, intelligent and full of life young man metamorphose into an adult haunted by his faults and his flaws.” A hell of an actor with insolent charm. From the temper of a Marlon Brando.


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