Lena Dunham announces surprise film, shot during confinement

Entitled Sharp stick, the feature film marks the return of the actress and director behind the camera, 11 years later Tiny Furniture.

It had been 11 years since Lena Dunham had gone behind the camera for a feature film. The creator of the multi-award-winning series Girls took advantage of the lockdown to secretly box a new feature-length film, her first as a director since Tiny Furniture in 2010.

Baptized Sharp Stick, the film, whose story has not been disclosed, will star Kristine Froseth (The Assistant), Taylour Paige (seen alongside Matthew McConaughey in Undercover: A True Story), confirmed actress Jennifer Jason Leigh, Jon Bernthal (Le Mans 66), Scott Speedman (I promise you), and Lena Dunham herself.

This story is incredibly personal for me and is part of the continuity of the mission that I have set for myself throughout my career: to establish a free dialogue on the complexities of female sexuality and to reverse the idea of ​​the “sympathetic female protagonist. ”. Something impossible in this environment if you are not surrounded by visionary partners. I am very lucky », Said the director in Variety , thanking in passing his teams and in particular his “ COVID-19 compliance team Which allowed him to run without damage during the health crisis.

At the head of the project for its entire development, Lena Dunham herself produced Sharp stick through his company Good Thing Going. No release date has yet been announced by FilmNation, the distribution company in charge of the film.


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