Lee Aker, Rintintin’s inseparable young Rusty, died at 77

The American actor, child-hero with his German Shepherd from the American series, died on April 1 in great destitution.

With his German Shepherd, true hero of the adventures of Rintintin as later was Pinball the dolphin, the young corporal Rusty will have marked in the years 1950 and 1960 the history of the first television series. On April 1, the one who embodied him on the small screen, the American actor Lee Aker passed away. He was 77 years old. History will remember that Lee Aker, born September 25, 1943, was only ten years old when he was entrusted with the fictional character of his life, that of Honorary Corporal Rusty of the 101st Cavalry Regiment of Fort Apache. In his beautiful western soldier’s dress, always accompanied by the superb and courageous German shepherd Rintintin, this orphan taken in by the American army will save the garrison commanded by Lieutenant Ripley more than once from danger, says Rip Masters, the other great protagonist of the series.

Lee Aker’s great adventure will continue until 1959, the year of the last season of Rintintin. Unfortunately for this young acrobat, who had taken his first steps on the screen in films as famous as The biggest marquee in the world (1952) and The Train will whistle three times (1952), the end of the cult series, will mark more or less the end of his career as an actor. After a few appearances until 1963, Lee Aker did a bit of all trades: producer, then carpenter and even ski instructor.

The last years of his life will be sad. According to actor Paul Petersen, director of an American association, to Minor Consideration, which helps unemployed actors: “Lee Aker no longer had a family. He was alone and without money.“A cruel fate for the orphan hero of the Fort Apache regiment who used to give the starting signal for the adventures of the series by hailing his dog and saying:”You ouhh Rintintin“…

Rintintin by Lee Ducan, from 1954 to 1959, with Lee Aker, the dog Rintintin, James Brown …


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