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Leaking the patent: is exam fraud frequent?

Pokémon cards, a water leak and a river. Like every year since 1986, the writers of the mathematics subject of the 2022 college patent have sought to anchor their statements in real life. Problem: like the water in exercise 5, they leaked thirty minutes before the start of the race, Thursday 30 June.

This delay did not allow the establishments to substitute them with the emergency subject, provided for this type of situation. On the other hand, they had been able to be distributed to the 850,000 candidates when the statements of the history-geography tests as well as those of sciences had been broadcast on social networks the day before they were held.

If the 2022 edition was tainted by a triple leak, this kind of failure remains rare in the patent. On the other hand, they have multiplied in recent years for the final examination of the baccalaureate.

In 2011, a bac S math exercise had leaked on the Internet, as well as in 2019. In 2013, the subject of mathematics had been revealed by mistake during a test in Besançon. Ditto for the subject of French this year, distributed during the test of philosophy.

Malicious acts remain rare

Malicious acts do not represent the majority of leaks. “Fraud remains quite rare, human errors are much more frequent”, explains Sylvie Vénétitay, secretary general of the National Union of Secondary Education (Snes-FSU). Often these take the form of distribution errors.

From the writing of subjects to their delivery, “everything is extremely secure”, continues Sophie Vénétitay, professor of economics in Essonne. The writers of the subjects are few and “undertake to respect a form of confidentiality”, she explains. Once arrived at the establishment, the subjects must be guarded by the principals “in a secure location. In my high school, it’s a safe with a code, continues the teacher. But we are never safe from a security breach. »

A leak on a video game site

In 2011, it was a technician who maintained the binding machines of the rectorate of Aix-Marseille who was the starting point for the leak of the title of an exercise in the mathematics test. It was then broadcast on the site. The Minister of Education at the time, Luc Chatel, had announced that the exercise in question would not be counted and lowered the minimum score for obtaining the bac S from 10 to 9/20.

In 2019, a supervisor of the Ozar-Hatorah high school in Créteil would have taken photos of the statement of mathematics, before distributing them in the establishment. He would have admitted during the investigation to have received money in exchange.

Three years’ imprisonment and a €9,000 fine

Regarding the 2011 leak, a complaint had been filed for fraud, theft, concealment and breach of trust by the Ministry of National Education. Five years later, the prosecution had requested a five to eight month suspended prison sentence. The maximum penalty incurred was three years’ imprisonment and a €9,000 fine. The five defendants were first released, before four of them were sentenced to three and four months in prison suspended by the court of appeal in 2018.

The 21 allegedly responsible for the 2019 fraud have also been indicted, among other things for exam fraud and concealment of breach of trust. This year, the Ministry of National Education has already announced that it will file a complaint again.


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