Le Vieux Fusil, Les Grandes Gueules… The musical adventures of François de Roubaix

The composer, who died in a diving accident in 1975 at the age of 36, will have received two César posthumously. A vinyl box brings together all the work of this French Ennio Morricone.

Just listen to the melancholy notes of the Old Rifle to understand that the love story between Philippe Noiret and Romy Schneider will be marked with the seal of drama. The music is by François de Roubaix, a beautiful soul of an adventurer who left too young, at 36, in the abyss of the Atlantic Ocean. During a decade of creation, as an autodidact of genius, a bit like Ennio Morricone did for Sergio Leone’s westerns, he will have punctuated the stories of man and friendship by Robert Enrico (The Big Mouths, The adventurers) and Jose Giovanni (Last Known Residence, The Scoumoune). All these films told of fraternity, destiny, the quest for happiness which often escapes. All this is not forgotten. And today, like an expected resurrection, Universal Music has just brought out the complete musical works of François de Roubaix in a magnificent case made up of five vinyl records.

The art of this adventurous composer, Jazzman and self-taught multi-instrumentalist who…

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