Le Mercury de Nice renamed Jean-Paul Belmondo cinema

The president of the Alpes-Maritimes department, Charles-Ange Ginésy has just announced that the historic room on Place Garibaldi will be dedicated to the great actor who shot there in particular Cops and robbers by Georges Lautner.

In Nice, the formidable photos of Belmondo taken by Charly Bébert have already illuminated the heart of the city for a few months. Touched by the disappearance of the great actor who shot there Cops and robbers under the direction of Georges Lautner, a native of the country, the president of the Alpes-Maritimes department Charles-Ange Ginesy decided to dedicate the famous Mercury on Place Garibaldi to him. And henceforth it will be called: “Cinema Art house Jean-Paul Belmondo”.

Before performing memorable stunts in 1979 in Cops and robbers like the one where he hurtled down the steps of a palace in Nice in reverse, in the car of the irresistible driving school inspector camped by Philippe Castelli, Jean-Paul Belmondo had already shot in Nice alongside Jeanne Moreau Banana skin by Marcel Ophüls. And of course, the Hotel Negresco where he played a scene from the film with the immense actress and Gert Fröbe still resonate with his priceless pranks.

Nice is historically a city linked to the history of cinema. The famous Victorine studios were created there in 1919. The seventh art has written part of its legend there. And God created the woman with Brigitte Bardot, the masterpiece of Marcel Carné Children of Paradise, The American night by François Truffaut were produced here a few hundred meters from the Mediterranean.

Charles-Ange Ginésy, taking this decision to rename the Mercury cinema with the name of Belmondo, then made the following statement to the people of Nice. A declaration, which resembles, the most beautiful of tributes: “ This cultural place, this quality public cinema is up to the great artist that was Jean-Paul Belmondo, this actor who has done so much for our department. It leaves beautiful images, incredible waterfalls and cult replicas from the studios of La Victorine to our valleys. I just had his lawyer on the phone who assured me of the family’s permission.

Cops and robbers , directed by the Nice Georges Lautner, the driving license scene, in cascade, in Nice with Philippe Castelli and Jean-Paul Belmondo


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