Le Champo celebrates Michel Audiard’s centenary with 16 films

Cinephiles dare everything, And that’s good”, we dare to proclaim. After the Lumière festival in Lyon, it will therefore be the turn of Champo, the prestigious arthouse cinema in the Latin Quarter in Paris, to commemorate the centenary of Michel Audiard. Because, the famous dialogue writer, child of Paname, was born a century ago on May 15, 1920 in the 14th arrondissement, a district of the capital that he will describe and cherish throughout his life.

In order to put the work of the dialogist, which extends through the writing of around a hundred films from 1950 to his death in 1985, into perspective, the Champo has decided to screen 16 films from October 23 to November 3, with a possibility of extension that the cinema management is already considering.

The completely renovated facade of the Champo, identical to the original facade, a silhouette of Jacques Tati. Champo cinema

The choice of Champo, which takes over that of the Lumière Festival, is particularly eclectic. Two extremely rare nuggets A love story directed by Pierre Lefranc but also Long Teeth directed by Daniel Gélin will be showing at the rue des Écoles cinema.

Of course the indispensable works of Michel Audiard such as the Tontons gunslingers by Georges Lautner and Jail, which earned Michel Audiard his only César, will be on the program.

For admirers of the gesture of “little cyclist», As Jean Gabin liked to call him affectionately, Sunday November 1st is scheduled at 5:45 pm a signing session with Benoît Denis who has just been released at Actes Sud Michel Audiard – Georges Simenon, a collection of three scenarios commented by the author.

This first analysis of Michel Audiard’s work was made under the aegis of Jacques and Stéphane Audiard (who will be present at the session), his sons and grandson. After this presentation, Blood to the head by Gilles Grangier, with Jean Gabin and Paul Frankeur, will follow this exceptional meeting.

Le Champo, 51, rue des Écoles, Paris 5th, ticket on sale on the site and at the Champo ticket office. From October 23 to November 3.

Program of 16 films discussed by Michel Audiard on the Champo poster

A love story by Guy Lefranc

Long teeth by Daniel Gélin

Blood to the head by Gilles Grangier

Crank Return by Denys de La Patellière

Maigret sets a trap by Jean Delannoy

The disorder and the night by Gilles Grangier

Maigret and the Saint-Fiacre affair by Jean Delannoy

125 rue Montmartre by Gilles Grangier

President by Henri Verneuil

Taxi to Tobruk by Denys de La Patellière

The cellar is fighting back by Gilles Grangier

Émile’s boat by Denys de La Patellière

The Epsom Gentleman by Gilles Grangier

The uncle gunslingers by Georges Lautner

Let’s not get angry by Georges Lautner

Jail by Claude Miller

The professional by Georges Lautner

Children should not be taken for wild ducks by Michel Audiard

Blood to the head by Gilles Grangier in 1956, after The Cardinaud son by Georges Simenon, with Jean Gabin, Paul Frankeur …


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