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Lazy Corona infected patients more likely to die, report reveals

New Delhi: The second wave of Corona has created havoc in the world. Even in India, Corona has taken the form of Bikral. For the last several days, more than one lakh cases are being reported continuously. Every day the death toll is also increasing. In this difficult period, we should not be careless about our health and exercise daily to keep ourselves fit. By doing this, the body remains fit and disease is kept away.

If you do not exercise, do not walk, then you may soon become a victim of the disease. Research has also revealed that lazy people are more likely to die due to corona.

The British Journal of Sports Medicine has released its report by conducting research. About 50 thousand people participated in this research. According to the research report, corona patients showed more severe symptoms due to lack of exercise and more fear of death. & Nbsp;

Researchers involved in this study say that it took two years before the corona epidemic to admit physically inactive people to the hospital. & Nbsp;

Researchers included 48,440 patients in the US infected with Corona between January and October 2020. The average age of the patients was around 47 years and three in five were women.

About half of the patients did not have any disease. About 20 percent of the youth were suffering from diabetes, chronic lung conditions, heart or kidney disease or any one disease like cancer. More than 30 percent of the people were suffering from two diseases.

15 percent of them reported themselves to be inactive. About 80 percent of the people admitted that they do some physical activity. Five percent of the people described themselves as fit. Among these patients, people who were physically lazy were more than twice as likely to be hospitalized.

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