Laurent Lafitte and Omar Sy find themselves on Netflix, Far from the ring road

Ten years after the success of the other side of the ring-road which brought them together, the actors resume their role of inspectors but to investigate… in the Alps. Expected release May 6.

It took a decade. After the success in theaters, in 2012, of the comedy the other side of the ring-road, which already brought together Omar Sy and Laurent Lafitte at the time under the direction of David Charhon, the two actors meet ten years later in the sequel to the comedy. Title far from the ring road, this time it is directed by Louis Leterrier (the director of the series Lupine) and premieres on Netflix on May 6.

In Far from the ring road, whose trailer was released on Tuesday, the two actors will have to team up again, this time away from the capital as they set course for a small town nestled in the Alps, this time accompanied by a young inspector, interpreted by actress Izia Higelin. A scenario that will revolve around a murder in the context of drug trafficking.

The first part, The other side of the ring-road, already told the story of two police officers whom everything opposes: on the one hand François Monge, the inspector of the judicial police of Paris interpreted by Laurent Lafitte and on the other Ousmane Diakité, that of the financial brigade of Bobigny played by Omar Sy.

Both responsible for resuming the investigation around the murder of the daughter of a big French boss, the scenario was punctuated by humorous passes of arms which brought together more than 2.2 million spectators in the room. A duo united for the first time in 2012 under the direction of David Charhon, to whom we also owe The shipwrecked (2016) with Daniel Auteuil and Julie Ferrier, as well as Cyprien (2009) with Elie Semoun and Léa Drucker.

After realizing The Incredible Hulk (2008) and Clash of the Titans (2010), director Louis Leterrier took over the camera this time. He then finds Omar Sy whom he met during the production of the first three episodes of the hit series. Lupine.


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