Laurent Gerra deconfines himself with a TV movie, a gourmet almanac and a return on stage

The comedian dons the habit of a silent cop in As black as snow on France 2 (November 17 at 9 p.m.). Inexhaustible, he also publishes a book on the art of living and gastronomy.

In the world of cycling, we call it “ the regional stage “. It is a few hundred meters from his chalet in Lanslebourg, in the heart of the Maurienne valley, facing Mont-Cenis, that Laurent Gerra shot As black as snow, a TV movie directed by Eric Valette and broadcast by France 2 on November 17. If he accepted the role of a cynical and misanthropic Swiss policeman, it is not for geographical proximity but because it allowed him to show that he was as comfortable in counter-jobs as in limitation.

A few weeks before the start of the shootings, he warned the production that the dates fixed for the exteriors corresponded exactly to those of the peak of winter cold. Disrupting the planned schedule proving to be an impossible mission, it was in a temperature of minus 27 degrees that the first scenes were carried out. “ We could barely open our mouths to try to articulate », Remembers Laurent Gerra. Watching the rushes and discovering, in his eyes, the quality of the images in which we discover Snow, nevertheless warmed his heart.

This week is also that of the release of My gourmet almanac (November 18 at Cherche-Midi). He combines recipes dear to his palate with memories linked to his art of living well, where laughter is systematically present. “ Thirty years on the roads of France allowed me to create bonds of friendship and to savor these exceptional moments He said. He gives, among other things, the recipe for cream chicken – his favorite dish – found in his grandmother’s notebooks. An exceptional cook, she would have been able to compete with some of the chefs to whom he pays a friendly tribute, from Georges Blanc to Marc Veyrat via Guy Savoy, Bernard Loiseau and Paul Bocuse. It evokes, in particular the hoaxes of the latter and does not fail to add a more personal touch of humor, through counterpeats of which, of course, he does not give the solution. It’s up to the reader to find out!

Memories with Clint Eastwood, Jean-Pierre Marielle and Jean-Paul Belmondo

To the evocation of his family are added encounters with that of the show. He tells, among other things, how he slipped into Clint Eastwood’s ear the recipe for frogs at “ singing butter », And remembers a lunch with Jean-Paul Belmondo and Jean-Pierre Marielle so watered that the two actors were unable to go, the same evening, to the Lumière Institute where they were to be honored.

Dialogues from mythical films, starting with Les Tontons flingueurs and La grande bouffe mingle with Molière’s Avare, Proust’s madeleine, Neapolitan macaroni according to Alexandre Dumas, and the wedding meal of Bérurier, narrated by Frédéric Dard . “ These texts belong to our literary heritage “Assures Gerra who also brings together regional popular sayings, explanations on the origins of certain expressions, such as” drink a cannon »And a quote from Jacques Chirac taking a stand for the protection of the calf’s head. “ In these times of veganism, it seemed important to me to set the record straight », He adds, recalling his love for the decorations which have been awarded to him and which, in his eyes, are worth all the Legions of Honor in the world: the Agricultural Merit and the Chevalier medal of the Commanderie des Côtes- Du-Rhône.

He feasts in advance by thinking of the after-show evenings he will spend in country inns or starred restaurants, throughout a tour that resumes this week, after two years of silence. About fifty dates are planned in France, with detours, in Paris, through the Olympia and the Salle Pleyel. While in confinement, he wrote a parody of Blues bootlickers, targeted at our governors, a sketch where he imitates Jean Castex and an affectionate and nostalgic tribute to Jean-Paul Belmondo, Jean-Pierre Marielle and Claude Brasseur. Eternal child at heart, he found himself an accomplice of his age, in the person of Célestine, his 15-month-old daughter, to whom he dedicated his gourmet almanac. “ She already has a good fork and has fun doing imitations “. The succession is assured.


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