Launching the Blockchain Meta Universes ecosystem of Vietnamese people

This is a group of products including e-wallets, launchpad platforms and many game projects developed and about to go into operation by a Vietnamese startup.

A Vietnamese Fintech startup called Meta Universes has just launched an ecosystem consisting of many different product segments developed on the Blockchain platform.

This startup is the pregnancy product of OSP Technology Corporation (OSP Group). This is a unit specializing in developing and providing solutions and services in the field of information technology established in Vietnam since 2008.

Products introduced by Meta Universes in this round include the MetaUni decentralized wallet, the Launchpad MetaSpeed ​​platform and the Meta Games entertainment segment.

In particular, the MetaUni wallet is considered the core of the ecosystem with the ability to support many different Blockchain networks. This e-wallet is offered in 2 formats including a web browser extension and a mobile app.

The MetaUni wallet is an important part of the Meta Universes startup ecosystem. Photo: Trong Dat

With the MetaUni wallet, users can transfer their assets to different Blockchain networks through the CrossChain function and participate in the applications of each network.

The use of MetaUni wallet allows users to store, track transactions, swap assets, send and receive cryptocurrencies, pre-installed tokens in the wallet. There is also a web browser available on the application so that users can access the Dapps.

Besides MetaUni, the MetaSpeed ​​launcher is also an important component of the Meta Universes ecosystem. MetaSpeed ​​gives users the ability to launch their own tokens and generate tokens.

Users do not need to write code or go through a complex token generation process, but can launch and generate tokens in just a few clicks.

The MetaSpeed ​​protocol also allows users to list their tokens on several decentralized exchanges such as Metaswap, Uniswap, Shibaswap, Sushiswap, Kushwap, Quickswap.

Launching the Blockchain Meta Universes ecosystem of Vietnamese people
Interface of Meta Garden – a game being developed by Meta Universes.

In the entertainment segment, Meta Games will focus on developing NFT games in its own ecosystem including various genres such as Play to earn, Click to earn, Free to play…

Meta Games also opens the way to cooperation with game developers by acquiring, co-producing under the same Meta brand under a strict process. A large game project, invested in both image and quality called Meta Garden, is also expected to be released by Meta Universes in early May.

According to Chainalysis statistics, by the end of 2021, the average cryptocurrency ownership rate is about 3.9% with more than 300 million users globally. There are currently more than 18,000 businesses worldwide that accept cryptocurrency payments.

Among the top countries in terms of the number of crypto holders, the highest ranking is India with 100 million, followed by the US (27 million), Nigeria (13 million), Vietnam (5.9 million), and Vietnam (5.9 million). ) and Great Britain (3.3 million).

The rapid development and popularity of cryptocurrencies has created a new economic industry and opened up many potential opportunities for the development of Vietnamese startups.

Trong Dat

Vietnamese startup reached a contract with the world Blockchain giant

Vietnamese startup reached a contract with the world Blockchain giant

Poriverse – Vietnam metaverse game startup has just announced the establishment of a strategic partnership with a branch of Polygon (MATIC), one of the world’s leading Blockchain platforms.


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