Late payments: the coronavirus has amplified the scourge in companies

A health crisis, but also an economic one. The coronavirus spares no one. The phenomenon is visible: more and more companies are having difficulty paying their bills. A real scourge for the treasury which is far from without consequences for companies which do not get paid on time. One of them, met by France, had to take out a loan guaranteed by the State to continue paying its suppliers. “There is a kind of buffer that we make between our customers and suppliers“, explains Hiromi Fernando, Managing Director of Herosysteme, in the 12/13 edition of Tuesday, October 20.

Since the start of the coronavirus crisis, according to a recent barometer, these excessive delays have exploded for SMEs. The average delay would reach 18.6 days in 2020, against 10.9 last year. For their part, large companies and administrations have slightly reduced their payment period. But to go further, the government would soon consider calling on mediators, sector by sector.

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