Last showings on Netflix for the classics of Truffaut, Chaplin or Demy

Available for a year, some masterpieces of the seventh art will disappear from the platform by May 14. Those of Jacques Tati and Ingmar Bergman enter the catalog.

Netflix users only have a few days left to discover the classics of the seventh art offered on the platform. Launched just over a year ago, the first salvo of the partnership with French production company MK2 will end within the next month. François Truffaut, Jacques Demy, David Lynch and Charlie Chaplin are thus called upon to gradually exit the streaming giant’s catalog between April 23 and May 17.

The 208 million subscribers of the platform will therefore have to hurry to discover or rediscover the masterpieces offered so far, from Jules and Jim at Dictator, Passing by Eraserhead and The Angel’s Bay. The Truffaut collection will disappear on April 23, followed by the Chaplins on the 30. Some of Xavier Dolan’s films, those of David Lynch and the Krzysztof Kieslowski trilogy will then disappear on May 7. Finally, the Jacques Demy collection will be withdrawn on May 14.

Threatened by increasingly tough competition and suffering from a real standardization of its content, Netflix launched with great fanfare this selection of fifty classics just a year ago. An initiative far from unprecedented, responding above all to many criticisms about the real lack of heritage films in its catalog.

Competition shows its teeth

A farewell or a goodbye? The Californian firm has not yet communicated on a possible return of these works on its platform. However, it is not impossible to see one day the works of François Truffaut, Jacques Demy and other great filmmakers in the French catalog of the American giant. The latter subscribes to operating contracts, in this case with MK2, of a potentially renewable limited period.

In the meantime, users will be able from May to discover other masters with a new Jacques Tati collection (My uncle, Mr. Hulo’s vacationt and Playtime) and another dedicated to Ingmar Bergman (Scenes of married life, Autumn Sonata and Seventh Seal). Films that are already on other platforms, in particular that of Cinetek or Universciné to name a few.


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