“Las Niñas”: the delicate portrait of a childhood and an era

CRITICAL – A refreshing and delicate first film that avoids the clichés of the learning story.

We’re too serious when we’re 11. Celia lives alone with her mother in Zaragoza. A new student arrives at her religious school. Brisa is from Barcelona. They will grow up together. They have giggles and secrets. They are neighbors, accompany each other in streets crushed by heat. Fellow calls Celia “Little orphan!”. Her father died before she was born. The girlfriends wear white shirts and navy V-neck sweaters. Sexuality begins to titillate them. It is not the lessons given to them by the nuns that are likely to provide them with information. They find condoms in a drawer at the mother of one of them. They play with it while giggling.

The delicacy of Truffaut

They quietly drink whiskey, listen to trendy songs on cassettes (the film is set in the early 1990s), smoke in secret, put on lipstick. In the booms, the boys flirt with them. What simpletons! They send them to ball, remain seated on the bench. They

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