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Larry the smart cat: Larry completes 10 years of his illustrious tenure .. know who is this special cat

We all have a passion for raising dogs and cats in our home and they also care for our house, but in Britain, a cat named Larry has completed his decade as a mouse catcher. It was recruited by the then PM David Cameron in 2011. Which has now become famous as Britain’s mouse-catcher in chief. According to information, Larry was previously a stray animal and was adopted from Battersea Dogs in London. He was recruited at 10 Downing Street in London to deal with rats walking near the official residence of the British leader, after which he was given the title of ‘Chief Mauser’ for the Cabinet Office, an informal disease control post.

In fact, Larry has become the first cat to hold the rat catcher portfolio since Humphrey retired in 1997. She has served the three Prime Ministers faithfully and is not only a ‘fantastic’ ambassador for Battersea, but she has also proved that she is like ‘incredible’ cats. The tweet from his Twitter account stated that Larry has no plans to retire, instead, he is already planning for his 20th anniversary.

Larry has met leaders of several countries during his ten-year tenure, including former US President Barack Obama and Donald Trump. They are popular among the public. PM David Cameron reported that in the year 2019, rumors had emphasized that Larry may now retire, as the new PM Boris Johnson likes dogs. However, Larry remained in his post even after becoming PM. In addition, Larry is also known for his good behavior with neighboring cats. Those who live across the street. Right now, Larry is 14 years old and often photographers take photographs of him. Where she is seen walking and sleeping on the road.

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