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Large iceberg broken in Antarctica, double in size than Mumbai

A huge iceberg has broken off the ice shelf in Antarctica. The iceberg size is more than double that of Mumbai city. The size of this iceberg is 1,270 sq km while the size of Mumbai is only 603 sq km. This ice berg broke down completely on the morning of 26 February. Let me tell you that in November 2020 last year, there was a crack on the ice shelf.

The “North Rift” rift was the most important part of the Brunt ice shelf actively over the last decade. Scientists at the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) had already foreseen its separation.

BAS director Dame Jane Francis said, “Our teams were fully prepared for the separation of an iceberg from the Brunt ice shelf for years.” A picture of this has also been released by the British Antarctic Survey. According to scientists the incident occurred in the Burnt Ice Shelf area. This disintegration is called ‘calving’, in which vast icebergs are separated from the frozen area.

Let us know that Antarctica has the most snow on Earth. It is said that if Antarctica’s ice breaks and melts in the sea, the water level will rise by 70 meters. Many cities and islands will be completely drowned.

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