Large companies: shower of dividends for shareholders in 2021




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The largest companies are posting record results, particularly in the energy sector. And France is no exception.

A shower of dividends for the shareholders of the 1,200 largest companies in the world. $1.46 trillion was distributed this way in 2021. And that’s an all-time high, as companies made record profits this year. Good health linked to the global recovery: demand is there and the cost of raw materials is soaring. “It has been observed that in these sectors there was an increase in prices, therefore an increase in income, therefore possibilities of paying more to shareholders“, analyzes Christopher Dembik, chief economic officer of Saxo Bank.

And in France too, large companies are posting historic results. Crédit Agricole 9.1 billion euros. But also health with Sanofi which receives 6.3 billion euros. In total, between 54 and 55 billion euros in dividends should be distributed for 2021. Exceptional profits that annoy employees who feel excluded from profits. “Thalès is an extremely efficient group and telling employees ‘we can’t raise you and protect you from increases in the cost of living is not something we accept, explains Sébastien Fontaine, Thalès CFE-GCG central union representative. This question will surely be debated again in the coming weeks, because purchasing power remains one of the priorities of the French.

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