Laparoscopic replacement heart valve

HCMCThe technique of laparoscopic surgery to replace the mitral valve helps the patient less pain, recover faster and safer than traditional open surgery.

Mr. Tran Van Chau, 57 years old, living in Phu Nhuan district, a truck driver, had a mitral valve regurgitation five years ago, was treated at Thong Nhat Hospital. In recent months, the treatment regimen has stopped responding, and he has difficulty breathing. Patients with a ruptured mitral ligament that made the valve open the most severe, 4/4, showed signs of heart failure, Dr. Nguyen Van Be Hai, Head of Cardiology Department, Thong Nhat Hospital, said. Patients are forced to have heart valve replacement surgery.

Doctors recommend two surgical options for patients to consider. The first is a traditional surgery, with a sternum split between the chest. Hospital stay needs at least 7 to 10 days, many risks of complications after surgery, the most serious is wound infection.

The second is laparoscopic surgery. If you agree, Mr. Chau will be the first patient in Thong Nhat to apply this technique. Laparoscopic wound is small, heals quickly, with less complications.

Patients choose laparoscopic surgery.

Doctors examined patients, on December 24, a week after surgery. Image: Letter Anh.

The surgery lasted 4 hours, on December 17. Damaged heart valve is replaced with a mechanical valve, mitral valve opening is completely handled. There were three fingertip wounds on his chest and an incision about 4-5 cm in length between his ribs, now present in the young skin.

Mr. Chầu said, after the operation did not feel much pain, on the second day, he started walking gently. On the 5th day, he was active, eating almost normally, preparing to leave the hospital.

“About 10 days from now, I will drive again”, Mr. Chầu shared.

According to Dr. Hai, since 2018 Thong Nhat Hospital has started to perform laparoscopic surgery for atrial septal procedures, aortic valve replacement, cardiac mucus removal … This is the first time laparoscopic surgery to replace heart valves.

Currently, Ho Chi Minh City has Cho Ray hospitals, University of Medicine, Heart Institute, Heart Center, Thong Nhat … successfully implementing the technique of replacing mitral valve with thoracic endoscopy.

Associate Professor, Doctor Vo Kim Que, Deputy Director of Thong Nhat Hospital, said that not all cardiovascular diseases can be performed by laparoscopic surgery instead of classic open surgery. This indication is for patients with damaged one heart valve. In case there are two or more lesions, such as a mitral valve opening and a tricuspid valve or aortic valve, still have to open surgery.

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