Lands of Murders, Les Parfums, Bronx … The movies of the week to watch online

Le Figaro offers you its selection of films released this week online, on VOD or on streaming platforms.

To have

The perfumes , comedy by Grégory Magne, 1h41

Anne Walberg has lost her sense of smell. We call it anosmia. Nothing to do with the Covid. In his job, it’s annoying. She is “nose”, as they say, and creates perfumes. She has a new driver. Guillaume accepted this job because he needs a permanent job to have custody of his daughter every other week. But his client is not easy. On screen, these duets work. The attraction of opposites, we know. These two are tame. Emmanuelle Devos is decidedly a sensitive, unexpected actress, overwhelming one-on-one, not daring to embrace the world for fear of being disappointed. Grégory Montel plays the rough, takes off his tie, keeps his style. The whole is very attractive.

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Bronx , detective film by Olivier Marchal, 1h56

Three years later Carbon, Olivier Marchal plunges into the northern districts of Marseille at the heart of a gang war that divides Richard Vronski, of the BRI (Research and Intervention Brigade) alias Lannick Gautry, and Major Costa (Moussa Maaskri), of the BRB (Brigade for the repression of banditry). There is no lack of settling of scores with the machine gun and blood flows freely in this film noir. In his first major role, Lannick Gautry bursts the screen.

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Lands of murders , thriller by Christian Alvart, 2:09

This successful remake of La Isla minima offers a breathtaking dive into newly reunited Germany. Two police officers in the East are investigating the disappearance of two teenage girls. Their methods differ. One is a former Stasi. The other comes from Hamburg where he regularly calls his wife who is pregnant. Between the two, the contacts are rough. Two worlds clash. They set foot in a sordid affair. A pedophile network has woven its web in the region. Christian Alvart films these shattered destinies, this end-of-the-world atmosphere, in a greenish light, like the water of an aquarium that we would have forgotten to change, as if we were visiting underwater caves where sad specimens would evolve. The horror is neither Hispanic nor Germanic. It is universal.

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We can see too

Holidate , romantic comedy by John Whitesell, 1h43

Sloane and Jackson both hate big parties. Hardened bachelors, they often find themselves at the children’s table or alongside suitors with whom their friends, charitable, want to unite them. So when they meet on a disastrous Christmas, they promise to accompany each other through the festive calendar for the months to come. Complices and without ulterior motive, they form a great team. But after a year of celebrations, Sloane and Jackson realize that sharing what they hate may give rise to other feelings …

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You Should Have Left , horror film by David Koepp, 1h33

Retired in an isolated house in Wales with his wife and daughter to write the sequel to his greatest success, a screenwriter gradually loses his sanity. Kevin Bacon and Amanda Seyfried are not welcome in their new home and end up being trapped.

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To avoid

Tijuana Bible , detective story by Jean-Charles Hue, 1h32

After Eat your dead, Frenchman Jean-Charles Hue films Tijuana, a border town in the hands of drug traffickers, without inventing gunpowder. Lacks a consistent screenplay or the writing of a James Crumley.

>> Available on Orange, CanalVOD, UniversCiné and FILMOTV from 4.99 euros

The King of Staten Island , comedy by Judd Apatow, 2:15 a.m.

After Steve Carell (40 years old and still a virgin), Seth Rogen (Blistered, instructions for use) and Adam Sandler (Funny people), Judd Apatow stars here another comic, Pete Davidson. The screenplay is inspired by the own life of the child prodigy of “Saturday Night Live”, fatherless (a firefighter who died on September 11) and loser stranded on Staten Island (the New York landfill). We find the touch of Apatow, a mixture of trash and sentimentality, but not the freshness of his beginnings. The film bogs down and patina very quickly. Too fast…

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