Laminated by critics, Uncharted boosts the American box office

The adaptation of the treasure hunt video game that brings together Mark Wahlberg and Tom Holland, is doing much better than expected. The baraka of the star of Spiderman keep on going.

A popularity test for Tom Holland. Having revived an anemic American and international box office since the emergence of the Covid thanks to the titanic success of Spider-Man No Way Home, was the Briton able to carry in his own name a blockbuster having nothing to do with superheroes? The specialized press was skeptical about the opening weekend ofUncharted.

The adaptation of the treasure hunt video game, which brings together Mark Wahlberg and Tom Holland in pursuit of the lost galleon of explorer Fernand de Magellan, has been laminated by critics. Early estimates called for a three-day weekend total of $30 million. A bit tight to hope to make a budget of 120 million dollars profitable.

But early operating numbers for Thursday night and Friday beat analysts’ expectations. With $15.4 million, Uncharted can instead hope to raise $45 million to $50 million over this weekend and holiday Monday. The film by Ruben Fleischer (Venom) benefits from the curiosity of young adults, especially male moviegoers. The demographic that the pandemic has furthest from movie theaters.

Unconvincing non-Spider-Man choices

The other outings of the week should not overshadow Uncharted. Road-movie a bit melodious, dog follows a badly injured and unfit soldier (Channing Tatum) who agrees to accompany an equally traumatized Malinois shepherd to his trainer’s funeral. Horror film, The Cursed tells the advent of a supernatural threat on a small French village and should raise around two million dollars.

This success ofUncharted can partly reassure Tom Holland whose choices outside Spider-Man have not necessarily convinced. Seeking more adult roles, the 25-year-old comedian played a soldier suffering from addiction and post-traumatic stress in the Apple TV+ movie Cherry and an orphan trying to escape domestic abuse and destitution in Netflix’s dark and tacky film the devil all the time . Always acclaimed by amateurs, Spider-Man: No Way Home supplanted the film Avatar became the third most profitable film of the 7th American art.


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