Lamb, surprise sheep!

CRITICAL – For his first film, Icelandic director Valdimar Johannsson drew inspiration from several tales from his country to tell a simple but powerful story.

Everything is good in the sheep. Icelanders can’t do without it, and neither can Icelandic filmmakers. Before Lamb, we had already seen it with the very beautiful Rams, the story of two brothers quarreled for forty years and forced to join forces to save their flocks from scrapie. Its director, Grimur Hakonarson, explained to us the importance of this totemic animal: “It does not have a religious dimension, but it has played an essential role in the history of Iceland. Animal husbandry has enabled Icelanders to survive on this hostile island through the centuries. We make clothes with the wool, we eat the meat… Nothing is lost in the sheep, except the anus! “

The beast is therefore not a sacred animal but it is “blessed” in Iceland. We understand it from the vision of Lamb, powerful debut film by Valdimar Johannsson. He too is inspired by his childhood memories and the sheep farm of his grandparents, lost in a windy valley. His couple of breeders, Maria and Ingvar…

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