Lady Bird, Cherry, La Loi de la Jungle, Ma Loute … Online movies to watch, or not, this week

During the health crisis and the closing of cinemas, the editorial staff Figaro offers you every Wednesday a selection of new products available on streaming platforms or VOD.

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Lady Bird, grow too fast

Mom hates me?Christine McPherson (Saoirse Ronan) asks her father (Tracy Letts). No, her mother nurse (Laurie Metcalf, awesome) loves her with all her heart and wishes the best for her, but the two women each have a “strong temper», As the father remarks. Hair dyed red, pouting voluntarily, young Christine demands that we call her “Lady BirdAnd dreams of leaving Sacramento to study in New York. Lady Bird is growing up and wants to stand on her own feet. She believes herself to be strong, but has not yet faced significant obstacles. More down to earth, worried about her future, her mother would like her to be more calm, anchored in her daily life, mature at last. More than the subject treated – an initiatory journey after all ordinary and often treated in the cinema – the film owes a lot to its distribution. He is crowned with two Golden Globes. Saoirse Ronan, 23, has one of his first significant roles here.

Available on Netflix

The law of the jungle, the lion bites tonight

Whether in the cult Hooligan, The Gentlemen by Guy Ritchie or with his friends on motorbikes in Sons of Anarchy, Charlie Hunnam’s career seems to have a serious penchant for fighting. In The law of the jungle, the latest film by Max Winkler (Flower), yet it is not he who uses his fists but his fictitious little brother Walter “Lion“Kaminski, a retired former boxer played by the former troublemaker of Skins Jack O’Connell. Chaining a small job during the day and clandestine fights at night, the duo will have no other choice but to cross the United States to pay off a debt with a local gangster. On the way, they’ll have to drop Sky (Jessica Barden), a runaway teenager, in Nevada before heading to San Fransisco for a final boxing match. More than yet another sports film, The law of the jungle, carried by two very convincing actors, explores with real sensitivity fraternal relations and the quest for social advancement, real central points of the feature film.

Available for online purchase from March 11 on Canal VOD, Prime Video, iTunes, Google Play and Orange

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My Loute, Unrecognizable Luchini

Always where we do not expect it, the author of Little Quinquin (Arte’s successful miniseries) returns with My Loute, a funny film in costume against a backdrop of the class struggle at the beginning of the 20th century. As he has been used to since his debut, Bruno Dumont has hired many non-professional actors for this feature film. But to embody the head of this bourgeois family of the Belle Époque, the filmmaker immediately thought of Fabrice Luchini. “It had to be made up and physically altered. The spectator should not recognize it at first glance. He also changed his way of speaking, he forced his accent.Same job for Juliette Binoche and Valeria Bruni Tedeschi. “What interested me was to upset them and reveal something unexpected in [elles].” Successful bet. The metamorphosis is total and the performance bluffing. Against a background of police investigation, earthy and burlesque, mixed with mysticism, all these little people take a visible pleasure in playing the agitated bourgeois of the jar or the wild prolos. Entertainment guaranteed.

Available from March 13 on Amazon Prime

Cherry, Tom Holland gets lost along the way

Interpreter of Spiderman at Marvel, Tom Holland wants to let us know: he’s grown up and isn’t that gangly high school student anymore. This desire to change register is apparent in these latter roles: darker, more adult, more violent. Like the oppressor The Devil, all the time all the time on Netflix, Cherry, based on the semi-autobiographical novel by Nico Walker, is a great American tragedy. At each stage, fate and misfortune strike the tutelary character. Enlistment in the army, war in Iraq, return to the country and post-traumatic stress which is coupled with an addiction to opiates. In this fresco, the 24-year-old British comedian reunites with Joe and Anthony Russo. The filmmakers ofAvengers: Endgame are also eager to think outside the box. Still, Cherry deploys the same staging tics as the Marvel blockbusters: an extended bloated plot. Here divided into chapters linked together by an omnipresent voiceover. Each could be a mini-movie in itself as the atmosphere and camera ratios vary. If some sections, like the hero’s GI training, are carried by a real breath (in this case, a strong tribute to Kubrick), others are too disembodied and smooth to really move, such as the romance between Tom Holland and Ciara Bravo, then their drug addiction. As if the spectator developed the same indifference and anesthesia to reality as his hero, lost in artificial paradises.

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John & Yoko, another vision of the Lennons

John & Yoko, a British documentary produced by Michaël Epstein in 2018, centers on the creative relationship between the couple that the former Beatles formed with the Japanese artist and performer. The strength of the testimonies of close collaborators of the Lennons is illuminating. The intention here seems to be to restore Ono’s reputation, accused (but wrongly) of contributing to the Beatles’ separation and seen as an enemy by some fans. What the film shows is just how influenced Lennon was by his wife when recording his most popular record. The song Conceived, which has become a standard, owes much to the writings of Yoko Ono in his collection Grapefruit, from 1964. And, as a studio collaborator, she seems to play a decisive role alongside the late Phil Spector, director of the record, who walks in a suit and tie and dark glasses in the middle of an audience of musicians dressed in jeans. and sporting long hair. The memories of musicians Jim Keltner, Alan White and Klaus Voormann are precise and touching. So is the lighting of Julian, Lennon’s first son, who remembers being left to his own devices in the manor of Tittenhurst Park and his 40 hectare lot occupied by his rock star father at the time. We shudder at the discovery of the isolated voice of Jealous guy, masterpiece of the album, and we laugh during the How do you sleep, in which Lennon, assisted by George Harrison on slide guitar, settles accounts with Paul McCartney.

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