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La Grange-aux-Belles, a look back at a year of college in the Covid era

September 2020: catch up, preserve a semblance of recklessness

Back to school 2020, the time for a real reunion and already the hell of the mask, the prospect of a very complicated year.

→ “The enthusiasm of the reunion suffocated by the mask”: story of a month in college

The Paty case and the challenges of secularism

We had long planned to publish the portrait of Paul Airiau, professor of history and geography at Grange-aux-Belles and a specialist in secularism, upon returning from the All Saints holidays.

→ Paul Airiau, the teacher and secularism

This publication finally took place in the dramatic context of the Paty affair. The same day, we returned to Paul Airiau’s class to recount the tribute to his colleague, the victim of an unprecedented terrorist act which froze the entire educational community.

→ Samuel Paty: at school, a tribute to freedom of expression

A college open to the world and its upheavals

Located in a Parisian district that is still socially mixed, the La Grange-aux-Belles college reflects the successive migratory movements. In particular, the establishment houses two classes for newcomer pupils, one of which is reserved for young people who have never – or very little – attended school. A particularly vulnerable public in the face of the consequences of confinements.

→ At La Grange-aux-Belles, the “whole world class”

Lessons for 2020

End December, The cross asked five frontline actors in the face of Covid to draw, from a personal point of view, the lessons of the pandemic. Among them, the principal of La Grange-aux-Belles, Didier Georges, explained to us how the Covid had changed his vision of the educational institution.

→ How 2020 has changed my life

With or without notes?

Like many other establishments, La Grange-aux-Belles has undertaken an in-depth reflection on the evaluation of students. With the desire to favor a skills-based approach. Contributions and limits of this mini-revolution.

→ La Grange-aux-Belles, a tender green college

A second life as a teacher

At La Grange-aux-Belles, out of around forty teachers, several had a first career outside of national education. These men and women tell us about the search for meaning that led them to become teachers and the pleasure they have in getting up in the morning to go to college.

→ Reconversion: a second life as a teacher

The home stretch that leads to the patent

Just like the 6e could not make the traditional integration trip, the 3e were deprived of the ball which usually, at La Grange-aux-Belles, is the ritual at the end of college. On the other hand, the courses were maintained until the end, to make up for the delay caused by the containment of the spring. Head for the patent, an exam without much stake but which in this trying year has proved useful to maintain the motivation of the students.

→ End of a trying year at La Grange-aux-Belles college


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