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La Fnepe, alongside parents for fifty years

This year, the National Federation of Schools for Parents and Educators (Fnepe) celebrates its 50th anniversary. This network, present in 40 cities in France, has perhaps never been so useful. “Parents’ schools were born from a brilliant intuition which has not lost any of its relevance”, sums up their president, clinical psychologist and family therapist Michel Wawrzyniak.

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Their mission is indeed to support families in difficulty around a simple principle: “In order for the children to be well, we have to make sure that the parents are also doing well. ” For this, these places open to all offer consultations with psychologists, appointments with couples therapists, marriage and family counselors or even “parents’ cafes” so that each family can find the type of help they need. ‘she is looking for.

A happy bubbling of ideas

Raising a child is not easy: the family evolves, new educational issues emerge… Also, parents can no longer be content to reproduce identically the education they themselves have received. “The feeling of loneliness and guilt of not being a good enough parent is very present”, estimates Michel Wawrzyniak.

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Parents’ schools offer a joyous bubbling of ideas. While some are more specialized depending on the local context, offering family mediation in rural areas or a systemic approach to family violence, all share the same philosophy and the same rigor that is unanimously respected.

Dialogue between approaches

In fact, in these fields of education and psychology, two fields often plagued by quarrels, parents’ schools create a dialogue between approaches, without dogmatism. Crossing points of view is their DNA. The journal’s influence Parents’ school prove. This opens its pages to specialists of different sensibilities, but always recognized in their field, such as Serge Tisseron or Sylviane Giampino.

As a result of this seriousness, the association was recently selected by the government to coordinate all the toll-free numbers to support parenting, now scattered like a puzzle. Because since the start of the health crisis, parents’ schools have also been reachable by telephone, thanks to a crisis line (1) which has supported more than 1,000 families during confinement. They have thus responded to various requests, “I can’t take it anymore, my 15-year-old son has completely dropped out of school” To “I just found out that my 14-year-old daughter-in-law sent naked photos to her boyfriend”.

Building on its success, this line will be perpetuated and developed in the coming months. A nice birthday present.


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